About Arbington.

Arbington.com is a global educational marketplace where anybody can learn, and anybody can teach!

It is our philosophy that everybody has something to teach, and everybody has something they want to learn. We strongly believe in opening the doors of opportunity for everybody who wants to teach or learn something.

See, education shouldn't be held hostage in the hands of inefficient universities and colleges. While, yes, there is a place and time for institutional education (such as becoming a doctor), we find many skills these days are learned online.

What makes us different?

There are lots of places to learn a skill from. So what makes Arbington.com different?

First, we believe strongly in transparency and working with the instructors on our platform. We've experienced first hand how poorly instructors can be treated on other platforms despite their best efforts to create content and help educate people around the world. We don't believe in punishing them - we believe in open communication and support.

Secondly, we understand there are other places to learn from such as YouTube. And there's nothing wrong with that. But we've set out to create a new marketplace to support instructors in every way we know how. By supporting an instructor on Arbington.com you are giving them a good portion of their income. Unlike other platforms that have been known to take as much as 90% of a sale, we give away a minimum of 70% per transaction and that goes all the way up to 97% if they do their own marketing.

Lastly, we've seen a lot of platforms get greedy and chase the money instead of doing what's best for their students. At Arbington.com we're chasing the learning experience. And while businesses breathe money, not oxygen, we're also tech savvy enough to launch an entire platform without having to hire 20 engineers. That means we can pass the savings onto instructors and students.

Our core beliefs

Every company needs a core belief system. We're no different in this regard. Here are some of the things we very strongly believe in, in no particular order:

Our views on education

We believe everybody on planet Earth (and beyond!) should have access to education. Education is what helped humanity grow into what it is today.

Before we continue, we know a lot of people will say, "Then why aren't you courses free?". Look, we get it. But we also understand that we live in an economic system. If instructors weren't paid, they'd quit teaching because they have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

Our views on transparency

This comes from the founders personal experience with other educational marketplaces. There are other platforms that simply take peoples money in exchange for content: they put up a big ugly pay-wall around their content. And while we understand that's good for business, it's mentally unhealthy for the instructors to try their best only to be punished by a strike system without any support.

We believe in being transparent whenever possible. Obviously there are cases where this can't be true, such as our search ranking algorithm (only because we can't have people gaming the system; that's unfair).

We openly communicate with our instructors, and frequently talk to students. In fact, we let them drive the bus, as they say. When it comes to new features who better to ask than instructors and students? They use the platform more than anybody.

Why we exist

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of other marketplaces. Most of them are the same and say, "Give us your content and we'll give you 50% of the income.". From a tech standpoint, that's basically stealing. We made a platform and built a business that allows us to do what everyone else is doing, but share more of the profits.

There are also only a small handful of platforms that actually do well. We want to remain friendly with them so we won't call them out by name, but they have some major flaws in either platform or their business.

We're here to address those flaws and to create a marketplace that's fair for everybody, fosters education over the dollar, and overall cares about the users who trust us.

Who started Arbington.com?

Just a handful of people who specialize in technology and online teaching. By using our existing skills we were able to create a massive platform in just a couple months. Want to drop us a line? Say hello by emailing [email protected]