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Earn income by creating online courses. We offer higher payouts than any other learning platform.

Becoming an instructor is easy with Arbington. We offer higher payment options than any other platform and strongly believe in transparency.

You maintain ownership over your content; we do not own your content.

Who can teach?

At Arbington, we strongly believe anybody can teach. Every single person on this big blue beautiful planet has a skill they can teach, whether they know it or not.

We look for topics in a range of subjects. However, there are some subjects we tend to stay away from, including:

Course pricing

All courses at Arbington are priced at $19.97. We don't believe in tricking students with higher $200 price points just to discount every course two times every month. We'd rather be transparent about our pricing up front.

Students can also subscribe to Arbington for USD $15/month and get access to every course we have.

How earnings work at Arbington

Earnings are split in three directions.

Organic traffic
If a new student finds your course and buys it, you will receive 70% of the income.

Organic traffic example

If a student naturally (organically) finds your course on Arbington and buys it for $19.97 you will receive 70% of that sale totalling $13.98.

Your promotions
If you bring a student to your course using a coupon you will receive 97% of the income. The remaining 3% we reserve for processing your transaction.

Students can subscribe to Arbington Premium for USD $15/month. All these subscriptions are pooled together and 50% of the revenue goes to the instructors. It's split by minutes watched. Let's break this down for clarity.

Premium minutes example

Let's say there are 1,000,000 premium minutes watched this month.
And let's say your course has 100,000 minutes watched.
You would receive 10% of the pooled subscription funds. (100,000 / 1,000,000).

Now let's say the total payout for premium minutes (for all instructors) was $50,000
You would receive 10% of $50,000. Or in clear terms, your course would have earned you $5,000.

It's all combined Whether you use a coupon code to promote your course, students organically find your course, or an Arbington Premium student watches you course - it's all added together.

Trial periods

Course purchases
If a student buys your course as a one-time payment (using a coupon code or paying full price) they are able to refund the course within 30 days. This is part of our high quality content promise. We know you make high quality courses, so there should be no worry about refunds.

Arbington Premium
Arbington Premium members get a 14 day trial and access to every course on the platform. Again, this is inline with our promise of high quality content.

When is payday?

Once per month you'll receive a PayPal transfer. At this time, we can't pinpoint exactly when that will be because we're still finding our feet when it comes to efficiently sending money. But we're aiming for the 3rd week of every month because other major platforms tend to pay in the first and second week each month. Another income stream during the 3rd week of each month would be an ideal situation for most people. Check back here in the future to see if this changes. (We'll also send instructors an email if this ever changes).

Course purchases
If a student bought your course in January, you'll be paid in March. This is due to the 30 day money back guarantee we provide.

Arbington Premium minutes
Once a Premium Member has completed their 14 day trial, minutes acculumated each month will be paid out the following month. For example, all non-trial Premium Minutes earned in January will be Paid out in February.

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