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10 (Amazing) CSS3 UI Design Projects- Part 1

——   Created by Rahul Giri

Learn to build 10 Modern real-world UI design project in pure CSS

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3h 44m
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More about this course

This is the unique class where you’re going to learn “how to build real-world” UI design projects in pure CSS and almost little (or no) Javascript.

In this class, we gonna build 10 (Amazing) CSS3 UI Design projects you can use instantly on your website and also going to deepen your css3 knowledge.

Here are the 10 projects you gonna build.

  1. Mobile First Responsive Card Layout For Your Blog
  2. Facebook And YouTube Like Loading Animation
  3. Facebook Post Design
  4. Breezy Typing Effect Animation For Your Headlines
  5. Full Screen Overlay Navbar With Circle Animation
  6. Luxury Custom Scrollbar for Your Website (in Webkit)
  7. Creative Background Shape Divider
  8. Smooth Gooey Menu Buttons
  9. Building Lusty Animated Buttons
  10. Fascinating Gradient Progress Scrollbar

+1 Bonus Project

Downloadable Materials

All the exercise files and downloadable material included.

To see the quick preview of the projects, please watch the class trailer.

So if you’re ready to build these 10 amazing UI Design projects then join me in this class and let’s get started with our first project.

The course project

We have built 11 projects in this class including (+1 Bonus Project).

Now I want you to download the project files for this class from the link below and put these in practice.

Just use these files in your upcoming project and share the link of it in the discussion so I can review it and also give some advice(or guidance) based on your work.

If you have any doubts then let me know in the discussion forum.

To your success.


14 Lessons

19 mins
Mobile First Responsive Card Layout For Your Blog
free preview
13 mins
Facebook And Youtube Like Loading Animation
14 mins
Facebook Post Design Crushing The HTML Structure (Part 1)
18 mins
Facebook Post Design Crafting Main FB Card Section (Part 2)
20 mins
Facebook Post Design Building Comments Section (Part 3)
19 mins
Breezy Typing Effect Animation For Your Headlines
25 mins
FullScreen Overlay Navbar With Cricle Animation
11 mins
Luxury Custom Scrollbar for Your Website (in Webkit)
17 mins
Creative Background Shape Divider
20 mins
Smooth Gooey Menu Button
20 mins
Building Lusty Animated Buttons
14 mins
Fascinating Gradient Progress Scrollbar
18 mins
BONUS: Creative CSS Shapes Design
2 mins
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Rahul Giri
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After graduating and holding a degree in "information technology", my professional career beganstarting out a web development and graphics design career …

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