100 New Features Of HTML5 Questions Examples and Solutions

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More about this course

How well do you know HTML5 and the New features?

Put your knowledge to the test.

  • 100+ Questions and SOLUTIONS
  • Unique FORMAT take the QUIZ
  • Grow your knowledge
  • Tips and Resources Included

In the upcoming lessons we are going to present 100 HTML5 questions

The upcoming lessons are in a unique format consisting of 5 challenging questions per lesson.

Questions are presented in multiple choice where you can use your knowledge and answer them, a 5 second timer will show on the screen. After which we show the correct answer, provide feedback and details to that answer. Also included are examples of the code in action and demos of content related to the questions.

How you take the lessons is up to you, do them in order or select a lesson and try your best.

You can keep score separately to track your progress or challenge yourself question by question.

These questions are meant to help you learn more about HTML, you may discover new features and new ways to write the code.

Prior HTML knowledge is a requirement as we will be quizzing you - with questions.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for formatting documents, that are displayed in the web browsers. Nowadays, every web developer should know the basics of HTML.

But this is still not enough: the new version of HTML provides several features, that are useful when we would like to create web applications. If you know WELL the new features of HTML5, you would like to solve several issues, that you may not be able to. Some examples of the course coverage:

  • browsers in general
  • new form elements & elements in general
  • new form attributes & attributes in general
  • semantics elements
  • media types
  • SVG, Canvas
  • web storages
  • browser compatibility

This awesome course is designed for everybody, who would like to learn the new, and most modern features of HTML5. The course uses a practice-orientated approach: we try to focus on these topics and elements, that are common in real situations. The course mainly uses a quiz-based approach, for testing yourself, but the found code snippets can be downloaded fully after the practicing.

What does this course offer?

  • questions with detailed explanations, in a well-organized manner
  • all topics of HTML5 are covered
  • downloadable resources of the code examples, and explanations
  • common situations, with simple solutions
  • a complete installation guide to the best Text Editor for HTML coding, with the proper extensions
  • for beginners and experienced developers - for improving yourself
  • Learn from an instructor with over 20 years of web development

Who is this course for? 

  • beginners in HTML5, to become a professional
  • who already know a little, but would like to improve their skills
  • who is knows well HTML5, but would like to learn something new and interesting
  • those who are preparing for interviews
  • those who are preparing for exams

22 Lessons

Introduction to HTML5 Questions
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Setup of Resources HTML
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HTML5 Questions 1-5 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
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HTML5 Questions 6-10 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 11-15 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 16-20 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 21-25 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 26-30 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 31-35 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 36-40 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 41-45 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 46-50 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 51-55 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 56-60 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
HTML5 Questions 61-65 HTML5 Test your Knowledge Questions
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