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2D Animation in Moho from Basic to Advanced

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Learn to Apply the Principles of Animation to Create an Organic Walk Cycle for Your Characters

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3h 55m
Lesson time
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Try to remember the last time you tested some 2D animation software and you just didn’t like it, or didn’t understand it.

Probably the first step to start your journey is be deciding which animation software that you can master in a couple of days. Truth be told, mastering something takes years. But in this course we will have you mastering the essentials in days!

The problem is that, once you have the software, what happens if you don't understand how to use it?

Think about it, one of the main reasons beginners stop trying is because they just don’t get how the software works.

You can check tutorials on the internet, but most of the time, they are not presented in a sequential order, or maybe, they are either too advanced or too specific.

So what you need to do is: Learn how to use the software.

In this case, we are inviting you to give Moho & Anime Studio a try, learn the essentials and discover its power.

This is your first step to learn how to make an animation.

After you know the basics, you will have a stronger idea when deciding what to do next.

And because Anime Studio is so easy to use, we know you are going to love it.

It has been proven more than once that when people understand something, they make better decisions.

So give yourself this opportunity and take this Animation Course today.

How can this course help you?

This course is an introduction to Anime Studio Pro, it covers how to draw using the Add Points Tool, Curvature Tool, Transform Tool and Shape Tools.

Than we will learn about working with layers, and doing animation for a scene. To enhance the shot we will go through how to work with a camera in Anime Studio.

You will have the foundations to make your own animation.

You will learn with Video Training, and if you want, you can download the project files to follow along.

The course also comes with quizzes and exercises to help the student really learn all the techniques and tools covered in the course.

The course is about 1 hour of video tutorials, but the exercises can take you from a couple of minutes to maybe a whole hour, depending on your learning skills, and how well you remember the lessons.

The Course is divided in 3 sections:

  • The first is the Introduction Section, which covers a brief overview of the interface and how to set the project settings.
  • The second section is the Drawing Tools Section, which covers the different tools used to draw in Anime Studio as well as techniques to manipulate and transform the drawings.
  • And thirdly, the Animation Section, in which we will go through how to make an animation of a scene.

Anyone wanting to learn how to animate should give Moho & Anime Studio a test Drive and who knows… maybe this is the software that can get you to make your own animation, make your ideas become a reality.

22 Lessons

3 mins
7 mins
The Workspace
4 mins
Starting a New Project
10 mins
Pre-made Characters to Practice Animation
6 mins
Importing Files for Tracing Characters
6 mins
Zooming and Navigation
8 mins
Working with layers
8 mins
Drawing in Moho
9 mins
Editing your Drawing
18 mins
Tracing a Character
2 mins
Understanding Cut Out Animation
11 mins
Using Bones
5 mins
Preparing the Character for Cut Out Animation
12 mins
Rigging a Character
10 mins
Animation Using Keyframes
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Tom Berlin liked this class and said...

this is a great instructor, great course. packed with so much information. i knew quite a lot about this before hand and still learned of some new tricks and got clarity for topics I didn't fully understand. this instructor is now at the top of my list. they did an amazing job. i'm looking forward to the rest of it. thank you.

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