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2D Animation: Ultimate Guide to Adobe Animate

——   Created by Sajeev .G Nair

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3h 44m
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1. About this course

Adobe Animate is one of the widely used software for creating 2d animations, flash games, and social media animations. With this course, you will be able to create your own animations for youtube, social media, and even full length animated shorts. animate has a very simple user interface and very easy to use and learn tools. We will start from the basics and gradually create a character and a character front walk cycle animation. In the class, I will be using Adobe animate 2020, but you can use an older version to create the same animations and get the same results.

2. What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course

In this class we will learn about:-


2.selection tools

3.Drawing tools

4.Remaining tools overview

5.Object drawing

6.Graphic Symbol

7.Movie clip



10.shape tween

11.Classic Tween

12.Motion Tween

13.Frame By Frame

14.Character design (3 parts)

15.Coloring the shapes

16.Converting shapes to symbols

17.Creating mouth shapes

18.Character Rigging

19.Character animation basics

20.Character walk cycle (3 parts)

3. Who should take this course?

This class is aimed towards complete beginners who want to learn 2D animation in adobe animate or designers who want to expand their career into animation. Still, any intermediate or advanced users will be able to learn something new from the class, there are no requirements to the class anyone with an open mind and ready to learn can join the class.

I created this course to teach everything there is to know about 2D animation in Animate, but you guys need to constantly practice to become an expert in animating with adobe animate. don't hesitate to reach out with any doubts or questions, I will clarify all your doubts as soon as possible. So a warm welcome to the class and happy animating.

I can't wait to get started!, and I will see you in class.

The course project

For the class project, you have two options.

1. simple character animation of your choice, I have shown how to create a simple character waving animation, you can create something similar or any simple animation of your choice. This project is to start the animation process and learn from your mistakes and experience you will gain from this simple project. Once you are confident move on to the second project.

2. Create a character front walk cycle. In our main animation lesson, I have shown hot to create a character front walk cycle, once you are confident and ready, recreate the same walk cycle in your own style, make the animation more exaggerated and fun. 

Practice regularly to make the animation more perfect. Once you complete any of the projects share it in the projects section.

I can't wait to see all your creations 

25 Lessons

1 min
Class Introduction
free preview
6 mins
free preview
10 mins
Selection Tools
9 mins
Drawing Tools
8 mins
Remaining Tools Overview
3 mins
Object Drawing
11 mins
Graphic Symbol
6 mins
Movie Clip
5 mins
9 mins
5 mins
Shape Tween
4 mins
Classic Tween
4 mins
Motion Tween
11 mins
Frame by Frame Animation
7 mins
Character Design Part-1
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