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3 Techniques to Combine Watercolor and Gouache

——   Created by Hannah Katarski

+ Paint a Living Room Portrait

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Join me and learn how to combine watercolour and gouache to illustrate an opulent bohemian bungalow!

Gouache is a versatile, water-based medium that has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity. It has a lovely opaque, velvety quality and is perfect for augmenting your watercolour paintings.

I created this class because I used to find gouache kind of mysterious. I loved the look it produced, but what was it? And how do you use it? Plus, I had heaps of watercolours, so I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole new range of paints…

So I came up with 3 techniques that will give you the confidence to paint with gouache AND seamlessly combine gouache and watercolour in your artwork!

This class is for beginner painters through to experienced watercolourists who are new to gouache and want to expand their portfolio. You will add a range of techniques to your quiver and learn to plan your painting with confidence!

You’ll start to look at your paints in a whole new way!


I’ll teach you a range of techniques before we embark on our final project where we put it all together!

The lessons will cover:

  • The similarities and differences between watercolour and gouache.
  • 3 ways to combine them to create harmonious compositions
  • How to mix brand new opaque colours using watercolours.
  • Layering paints to create pattern and texture
  • Building a colour scheme
  • How to use reference images to paint your own bohemian bungalow!

For the final project I will show you, step by step, how to compile reference images, create your own original boho bungalow, then plan out your colour scheme before painting it using your new watercolour and gouache techniques.

SUPPLIES - For this class, you'll need:

  • watercolour brushes - round brushes in sizes that feel comfortable. I always recommend you have a 0 or 00 for fine details. It makes all the difference.
  • watercolour paper - I like Canson. Anything that is 300gsm.
  • good quality watercolours
  • gouache. You can complete all the exercises with just a tube of white gouache. However if you have more colours, great! The Holbein primary colour mixing set is a good place to start. 
  • 1-2 containers of water, for rinsing brushes
  • pencil and eraser
  • flannel, or art rags
  • this Pinterest Board for reference
  • reference images found in the project section

The course project

For you final project, you get to become an interior designer; selecting furniture, plants and decorating your own painted, bohemian bungalow or living room.

1. Complete the three warm up exercises to get comfortable combining watercolour and gouache using a range of techniques. If you prefer to use an optional template image, you can download them under ‘Your Project’. You’ll find the class resources on the right hand side. Upload your finished exercises.

2. Find some resource images that excite you and then compose your own boho bungalow design. Check out my pinterest board to get you started.

3. Paint your boho bungalow using watercolour and gouache. (While this class is all about combing these two media, you are welcome to complete the project in one media if you just like the idea of the subject matter.)

I'd love to hear what surprised you and what challenged you about working through this process.

Did you use mostly gouache or watercolour? Or an even split?

What was the most useful thing you learned through completing your project?

I can’t wait to see your creations!

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13 Lessons

2 mins
Welcome to Watercolour and Gouache: 3 ways!
free preview
4 mins
free preview
7 mins
About Watercolour and Gouache
15 mins
Mid-tone Method
2 mins
Mid-tone Method - Examples
11 mins
Watercolour Backgrounds
2 mins
Texture and Pattern - Examples
11 mins
Texture and Pattern
1 min
The Final Project
4 mins
Project: Idea Development
6 mins
Project: Sketch and Colour Scheme
8 mins
Project: Painting
1 min
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