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4 Steps to an Ideal Vocal Practice Session

——   Created by Débo Ray

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Calling all singers! Tired of feeling like your not improving, even though you’ve practiced for months? 

Singing is such a personal experience, that sometimes it’s hard to see your progress when you’re trying to grow. Luckily, this class will show you a way to see your progress.

My name is Debo Ray, and I’m a full-time professional vocalist. Part of my job includes being able to sing with stamina, presence, and confidence, and those qualities didn’t just come overnight.

Join me in this 30 minute class, where you will learn how to create an ideal practice session that can be consistent and trackable by incorporating four steps: Warming up, Vocal Exercises, Song Study, and Cooling Down. With these four steps, you will be able to master your repertoire, become a stronger singer, and see your progress in a tangible way. This class is full of techniques, exercises, and resources to grow your foundation of practice and speed up your singing progress. 

This class is built for all levels of singers who want to start improving their practice sessions: beginner to advanced, even if there’s only a few minutes a day to practice. If you want to see and feel your progress as a singer, this class is for you!

Feel free to ask any and all questions about this process and your singing journey in the community section, where I’ll be answering all of them! For more info on me and my musical journey, check out my facebook page: as well as my instagram @deboraymusic. I look forward to connecting with you! 

The course project

Put the 4 Step Ideal Vocal Practice Session format to the test, and see how your discipline pays off, in your class project!

Your class project is in three parts:

  1. Upload a clip singing your favorite song, about 1 to 1.5 minutes in length.
  2. Download the IPS Worksheet, and use it in your practice sessions for at least 1 week.
  3. Upload a second clip singing the same song after having practiced with the 4 Step method, and also upload your most recently filled out IPS worksheet.

Some resources that would make your practice experience better:

  • The Vocal Exercises attached in the Resource folder which contain all the vocal exercises done in this class at length
  • The app “Amazing Slow Downer” - useful to slow down music when you’re doing song study on an intricate tune
  • Google “metronome” to have a free metronome at your fingertips!
  • Any free keyboard app to help find your pitch
  • A recording device to record audio and/or video (like your phone)

AND REMEMBER! The first THREE people to finish their projects will receive a complimentary one-on-one online lesson with me!

10 Lessons

3 mins
Course introduction
2 mins
What is a good practice session?
4 mins
Step 1: Warm-up
4 mins
3 Minute Warm-up Demo
2 mins
Step 2: Vocal Exercises
6 mins
4 Vocal Exercise Examples
2 mins
Step 3: Song Study
3 mins
Step 4: Cool Down
4 mins
Your Class Project and IPS Worksheet Walkthrough
1 min
Thank you and Additional Resources

About the instructor

Débo  Ray
Débo Ray
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Hello, I'm Débo, and it’s my pleasure to teach you! I am a full-time internationally touring musician, and Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music! …

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