7 days of wagtail

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Learn how to create Wagtail websites with over 50 free tutorial videos and a professional beginners course

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Welcome to 7 Days of Wagtail:

Build a Wagtail CMS website this week using Wagtail CMS, Django and Python.

What is Wagtail?

Wagtail CMS is Pythons #1 most popular content management system. If you've heard of WordPress — it's like WordPress for the Python world, but better because it's made for web developers and your users can't "break" the website by installing their own features.

What you will learn:

In this course you're going to learn a lot, but it's not going to cover everything. For instance, we're not doing any frontend work whatsoever — I'm leaving that entirely in your hands to make your website look and feel the way you want it to.

Day 1. Installing Wagtail and Editing the Home Page

Day 2. Adding custom model fields to your Home Page

Day 3. Creating a new page type with a custom template

Day 4. How to add images to your pages with auto-thumbnailing

Day 5. How to create snippets and make them selectable on your page

Day 6. Adding StreamFields to your page

Day 7. Adding global site settings

How this course is setup:

7 Days of Wagtail is designed to take you, the brand new Wagtail CMS developer, from knowing nothing to being able to build a basic website.

Ideally, you'll progress through one module per day, and if you follow this structure you'll be able to show off your new Wagtail website next week!

But if you're a go-getter, you can binge-watch all the videos and finish this course in a day.


I'm assuming you have Python installed on your computer. I'll be using Python 3.8 in this course. (There's an article-lesson with links to help you setup Python and Pip if you don't have these installed already.)

  1. I'm assuming you have Pip installed on your computer, too.
  2. (There's an article-lesson with links to help you setup Python and Pip if you don't have these installed already.)

8 Lessons

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About the instructor

Hi everybody! I'm Kalob Taulien.

Here's the TL;DR (short) version about me:

  • I have been coding since 1999 and teaching people how to code since 2011
  • I have over 350,000 web development students world-wide
  • I'm on the Wagtail CMS core development team (Wagtail is Python's #1 most popular website making …
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