A Marketing Plan That Every Business Needs

——   Created by Leik Hong Leow

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Most companies we worked with do not have a marketing plan, they thought they have, but many don't. What they have are some random tactics. Therefore they do not have a plan they can follow through. They are wasting time, money and efforts.

We want to help you create a marketing plan that will bring you better quality leads, and you would have more sales. Thus, you are taking back control of your business.

If you're an Entrepreneur, Business Owner or a Marketer who is looking for new / better ideas for your next marketing campaign? Then this is the marketing course RIGHT for you.

This course is a straight forward no "BS" marketing course, that I'm going to share with you exactly how:

  • Position your business | product in the Right Niche
  • Identify WHO are your exact Target Audience
  • Create and develop your Product Ladder for different purpose and audiences
  • 100 types of effective Marketing Strategies you can apply immediately
  • Have an ongoing unlimited Marketing Budget
  • And many more including Bonus Materials / Videos

p/s: there are many High-Quality PDF course frameworks/materials you can download to enhance your learning experience.

Click and sign-up the course, and if you don't like it, you can always request a refund. It's a money-back guarantee.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneur / Business owner who likes to understand how you can triple your Business Revenue in 2.5 hours.
  • Entrepreneur who likes to create an unlimited marketing budget
  • Offline Marketer / Entrepreneur who are looking for method to create a recurring revenue
  • Online Marketer / Entrepreneur who likes to improve your customer Average Spending for more sales revenue.
  • Marketing Personnel and manager who responsible to drive the company marketing campaigns for more quality leads.

28 Lessons

Course Outline Overview
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Mindset Alignment
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The Chocolate Test - are you someone who is logical thinking or a creative mind?
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The Definition of marketing
Have a 'Purple Cow' in your Marketing Campaign
Example of creating your Purple Cow
Tool: Create your Purple Cow (Value Proposition)
Customer Profiling - Targeting a Niche Market
Awesome Customer Snapshot
Customer Goal Grid Framework
Write Your Million Dollars Message
Product Offering Intro
Product Segmentation Framework
Product Ladder Framework
The Highlight of the Winning Market Formula
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About the instructor

Leik Hong is an experienced entrepreneur and business coach since 2010. Up to the present, he had coached and trained more than 10,000 people, working with more than 500 companies across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and China.

He loves working with entrepreneurs and business owners who are in the service-based …

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