ABC4D - Getting Around in Cinema 4D

——   Created by Travis Vermilye

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More about this course

This class is designed to get you comfortable getting around and understanding how the various tools within the software are arranged.

We will cover:

  • Windows, Layouts, and Customizing them
  • Menus and Buttons
  • Navigating the Viewport (View Panel)
  • Moving Objects

The course project

The class project is pretty simple. In the class, we learned how to customize layouts and save them. 

Create your own custom layout and save it. Then, take a screenshot and post it as your project.

That's it!

Holler if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you in another class!

6 Lessons

Getting Around In C4D Introduction
free preview
Menus and Buttons
Getting Around Layouts
The Viewport
Moving Objects
Project & Final Thoughts
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About the instructor

Hello! I’m a digital and mixed media and artist, professor of design and illustration, biomedical illustrator and animator, coffee enthusiast, fly fisherman, hiker, biker, and a bunch of other things.

I’ve gone through some different phases to try and figure out just what kind of classes I want to make …

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