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ABC4D - Landscapes & Explosions

——   Created by Travis Vermilye

Two Projects in One

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More about this course

This is actually 2 separate lessons combined!

Part 1 is all about the Landscape Object in C4D

This section goes over all the settings and some creative uses for one of the most versatile objects in Cinema 4D, the Landscape Object! It's one of my personal favorites!

You will learn:

  • What all the settings mean and how to adjust them
  • How to use multiple landscape objects in creative ways
  • How to animate settings

By the end of this short class, you should feel pretty comfortable working with this object and have some great ideas for how to incorporate it into your own workflow.

Part 2 is all about the Explosion Deformer!

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe out there! In this special Coronavirus edition of ABC4D, we will take a close look at the Explosion Deformer! What will we be blowing up you ask? Why, viruses of course!

In addition to blowing up the virus, we'll go step by step into making a simple virus model using Mograph. 


You will learn:

  • What all the settings mean and how to adjust them
  • How to use refine the settings to go from severe explosions to simple dissolves
  • How to animate the settings for best effect
  • Bonus - Mograph techniques!

The course project

For the class project Part 1, please use what you have learned about the landscape object to make your own creative scene. You can use, change, manipulate any of the settings available to you. Combine things you have learned in other classes to make it all your own.

Post images or rendered video clips of your work.

I can't wait to see what you do!

For the class project Part 2, please create or find a model you would like to explode. You can modify the virus model we make in the class, or do something creative on your own - or grab something from the content libraries in C4D. 

Play around with the settings and come up with a creative way to use the Explosion Deformer. 

Take some screenshots of your progress or render out your work and post it in the projects section. 

I can't wait to see what kind of stuff you blow up for this!

P.S. Here is a sample image I created using a similar virus model and a super shallow depth of field.

8 Lessons

1 min
Part 1 - Landscapes Introduction
16 mins
Landscape Object Overview
6 mins
Some Creative Ideas with Landscapes
2 mins
Landscape Project
1 min
Part 2 - Explosions Introduction
7 mins
Explosion Settings
9 mins
Refining your settings and the Explosion Project
9 mins
Part 2 Bonus - Creating a MoGraph Virus

About the instructor

Travis Vermilye

Hello! I’m a digital and mixed media and artist, professor of design and illustration, biomedical illustrator and animator, coffee enthusiast, fly fisherman, hiker, biker, and …

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