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Microsoft Access remains an amazing tool for when your data outgrows spreadsheets. Unlike many other database tools, it’s far more user-friendly and ideal if you’re not a developer.


In this Microsoft Access advanced course, we start where the beginner’s course finishes and dives straight into more advanced Access features. This course assumes you know the basics of Access, including how to set up your database, how tables work, how to create forms and how to run simple queries.


In this advanced Access course, we look at using ODBC and SQL Server. We also take a deeper dive on using Macros and VBA in Access, splitting databases and advanced form creation. It’s perfect if you have a working knowledge of Access but need to utilize its more advanced features.


In this course you will learn:


●     All about Primary Keys and Indexes in Access

●     About customizing and filtering on the Datasheet View

●     How to link to other databases

●     All about using ODBC and SQL Server

●     How to split an Access database into front and back-end

●     All about Macros in Access including AutoExec

●     How to do basic VBA in Access including code and error handling

●     More advanced techniques around creating forms in Access

●     Advanced queries including “multiple where” criteria


Course Format

●     This is a video-led course.

●     This course includes practice exercise files.

●     This course is suitable for Windows users.

46 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction
Course Overview and Content
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Primary Keys and Indexing Rules and Guidelines
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Section 2:Primary Keys and Indexes
More About Indexes
Setting-up Northwind Database
Section 3: Using Datasheet View
Working in a Datasheet View
Customizing Datasheet View and Advanced Sorting and Filtering
Exercise 01
Linking Two Tables to Other Access Databases
Section 4: Linking to Other Access Databases
Acquiring and Installing SQL Server Express
Section 5: Using ODBC and SQL Server
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