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Accounting & Finance A-Z in 2020 | Plan, Record, Analyze

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11h 40m
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A complete all in one course for startup founders, business owners, executives, accounting professionals to give them a start to finish course.

Program Goals 

● To equip the startup founders with financial skills to project, plan and execute

● To support the founders to really dig down into the details of the financial models and projections which will be helpful for conversation with investors

●To receive customized feedback from the instructors to build in the financial consideration of the company

Course Topics and Outlines

● Understanding the fundamentals of Accounting & financial statements and how to draw them.

1. Fundamentals of accounting practices.

2. Types of Accounts and Financial Statements

3. Accounting Entries

4. Relationship between Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

5. Key Accounting Policies

a. Inventory

b. Fixed Assets

c. Capital vs operating expenses.

d. Revenue Recognition

e. Expenses Accounting

6. Accounting Control Practices

a. Receivable from customers

b. Advance / pre payments

c. Accruals and Provisions

d. Fixed Assets

e. Supplier Payments

7. Working Capital

8. Analysis Steps and Methods

● Analyzing financial numbers for making business decisions

A. Analyzing Financial Statements in Details.

B. Ratio Analysis

a. Why Ratio – Usefulness and Limitations

b. Profitability Ratio

c. Liquidity Ratios

d. Working Capital

e. Asset Utilization

f. Return Ratios

g. Special Purpose

C. How to use Ratio analysis to understand ground reality in operations.

D. How operational decisions affect financial results.

E. Working Capital Management

F. Pricing Decisions

G. Capital Expenditure planning decisions

H. Using Financial Analytics Metrics for KPI management

I. Using financial numbers together with operational metrics

● Budgeting and forecasting and financial plan.

A. Why Budgeting / Forecasting / Planning is needed for business

B. Is it just a paper exercise?

C. How to make use of budgeting & forecasting.

D. Components of Budgets.

E. How to forecast and defend unforeseen future and able to defend it

● Deriving financial plan and blending with business models

· Business Model – Components

· how each business model component is represented in financial plan

· Interwind different components to make a complete business plan.

● Understanding the business value and do self-valuations

· What is Value??

· Value from different prospective

· Different Methods of Valuation

o Income Approach

o Cost Approach

o Comparable

· Inherent limitations and uncertainties of valuation models

· How can we enhance value of our business?

· Share your experiences with valuation and how inventors value your startup

77 Lessons

13 mins
What is financial accounting
free preview
10 mins
Accounting double entry system and fundamental accounting rules
free preview
14 mins
Financial accounting process and financial statements
21 mins
Basic accounting equation and four financial statements
8 mins
Define chart of accounts and classify the accounts
13 mins
External and internal transactions with companies
7 mins
Short exercise to confirm what we learned in this section
7 mins
Major accounting policies need to be decided by companies
12 mins
Depreciation policies
13 mins
Operational fixed asset controls
11 mins
Inventory accounting and controls
9 mins
Revenue accounting and controls
12 mins
Expenses accounting and working capital
3 mins
Ratio course introduction
7 mins
Class discussion on profitability ratios
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