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Accounting For Small Businesses Using Google Sheets

——   Created by Viktoria Nedelcheva

Organize Your Income And Expenses With Google Sheets

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More about this course

Hi. I am glad that you are interested in my course. Here you can understand a little more about what you can expect from the course:

First, I will clarify which businesses can use cash bookkeeping.

Second, I will explain how the cash bookkeeping cycle works.

After that, I will introduce the Google Sheets templates that we will use for this course. 

I will also go through the invoice template and tell you which functions I’ve used for this template.

Next, I will talk about the chart of accounts and its meaning in cash accounting and how to add it to your Revenue Book and Expense Book in Google Sheets.

Last but not least, I will show you how to set up the profit and loss report to automatically pull information from the Revenue Book and Expense Book.

Once we create the Google Sheets templates, I will walk you through their practical use. This means I will show you how to accurately and effectively record and track your business money-in and money-out using all four bookkeeping templates.

The course will conclude with a video that will show you how to read financial information from your Profit and Loss Statement.

If you are still interested keep watching. I hope this course will be useful for you and your small business.

The course project

Create your own bookkeeping templates that fit your business needs. Follow these steps:

1. Create an invoice template.

2. Create a Revenue Book using the drop-down menu to include all revenue categories.

3. Create an Expense Book using the drop-down menu to include all expense categories.

4. Create a Profit and Loss Statement using the SUMIF formula to pull all the information from the Revenue Book and Expense Book.

5. Share your templates with us to see their design and functionality. Please share the templates without any private or business information. To show the functionality use some example numbers, not the real ones.

16 Lessons

3 mins
free preview
4 mins
Google sheets users
5 mins
Cash Bookkeeping
2 mins
4 mins
Chart of Accounts
free preview
3 mins
Templates View
3 mins
Creating a Revenue Book
3 mins
Invoice Template
3 mins
Creating an Expense Book
4 mins
Making records in the Revenue Book
6 mins
Creating the Profit and Loss Statement
4 mins
Making Records in the Expense Book
3 mins
Bonus 1 Data Visualization
3 mins
How the Profit and Loss Statement updates
3 mins
Bonus 3 How to read chart
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About the instructor

Viktoria Nedelcheva

Accounting Instructor with more than 5 years of experience in management and financial accounting, financial planning and reporting, database administration, and QuickBooks.

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