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Acupressure Therapy for Resetting the Body Clock!

——   Created by Annette Igoe

Eliminate Tiredness & Fatigue FAST! (Internationally Recognised Qualification in Acupressure Therapy)

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Before embarking on the course videos, please go to the 'Bonus Material - Downloads' section and download the course manual, treatment charts & protocol which you can use as a visual aid to assist you during the video lessons.

This course focuses on a Potent Set of 12 Acupressure Points that can be used effectively to:

* Eliminate Tiredness & Fatigue

* Enhance the Flow of Healing Energy to Your Organs

* Avoid Jet Lag when Travelling through Time Zones

This course is Ideal for the Holistic Therapist looking to offer a New Treatment in their Clinic and also for All Types of Shift Workers who often work through the night while the rest of us are sleeping! These shift workers, who provide key services and generally make our lives a lot easier, are faced with work realities that can often undermine their health.

So let this course take you on a journey through these '12 Potent Points', their locations, how to stimulate them and how to quite literally 'Reset the Body Clock’!

Bonus Material - (Available for Immediate Download Once You Sign Up)

A Comprehensive 49 page course manual

17 Beautifully Illustrated Acupressure Treatment Charts

Email support from Course Instructor where necessary

* An Internationally Recognised Qualification in Acupressure Therapy

The option to obtain Discounted Membership and Practitioner Insurance with an International Institute

The information in this course is delivered in a simplistic way making it very easy for students to learn and apply the techniques to work on themselves, on family, friends or clients.

Some common benefits you can expect from an Acupressure Treatment include:

·        Relief from stress & tension

·        A more relaxed body & mind

·        Increased blood circulation

·        A faster removal of toxic waste

·        An increase in energy levels

·        Relief from head, neck, shoulder & back ache and

·        An overall sense of well-being

So why not sign up today and see how quickly the positive effects of Acupressure can bring improvement to your life?

21 Lessons

4 mins
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3 mins
Requirements Before Receiving Your Qualification
free preview
What is Acupressure?
3 mins
Key Points to Remember
4 mins
Reset the Body Clock to Avoid Jet Lag Treatment Protocol
4 mins
What are the Body Clock Reset Points?
4 mins
Reset the Body Clock to Overcome Tiredness & Fatigue Treatment Protocol
3 mins
Organ Opposites
4 mins
Organ - Meridian Associated Colours & Emotions
Treatment Protocol
4 mins
How to Stimulate the Body Clock Reset Points
1 min
Reset the Large Intestine - 5am - 7am
1 min
Reset the Stomach - 7am - 9am
1 min
Reset the Spleen 9am - 11am
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Annette  Igoe
Annette Igoe
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After several years of intensive study in many different disciplines I found that the alternative therapy that was producing the fastest, most profound and long …

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