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Add WOW to Your Paintings!

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Learn to Paint with Confidence & Greatly Improve Your Paintings.

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Learn how to fix painting issues fast! View your paintings with a keen eye, and sharpen how you see images. You will learn to improve the viewing movement and depth in your painting, make your work viewer responsive, and fill your creative toolbox with a lifetime of techniques! Achieve exciting images using Nancy's distinctive method of eye choreography, and watch your paintings transform from good to great. You will NOT find this information anywhere else – in art schools or other online art classes. Bring more attention to your work and expand your audience. Realistic or abstract. Oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media & photography - all painting mediums and styles will benefit.

The course project

Select a painting you have already started. Then watch the course videos and practice the tips for analyzing images by using your painting. In addition, access the pdf book Create Perfect Paintings included here, and read Section 3, again using your painting to analyze. After analysis, if you have discovered ways to enhance your painting's viewing potential, make the necessary changes. Tip: photograph your painting before you make the improvements, and then again afterwards so you can see how the changes have improved your painting. In addition, head out to your local art gallery or museum, or go online and search for contemporary paintings. Practice your new way of analyzing paintings by looking at other artists work.

To access Nancy's book, click the pdf link for the book that says "Nancy Reyner Book - Create Perfect Paintings".

7 Lessons

2 mins
How to Identify Painting Issues
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22 mins
It's Too Yellow
31 mins
It's Too Boring
25 mins
It's Too Busy
17 mins
It's Too Flat
8 mins
It's Too Dull
1 min

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Nancy Reyner
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