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Adobe Lightroom - Landscape Photography ULTIMATE Guide

——   Created by Matthew Storer

Edit Landscape Photography Images in Adobe Lightroom! An ULTIMATE Guide to edit like a PRO! 65 RAW Images Included

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6h 03m
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Hello and welcome,

My name is Matthew Storer, an award-winning professional landscape & travel photographer from Australia. Welcome to my Lightroom Course, where I want to share everything I have learnt in the last 20+ years and travelling to over 100+ countries around the world.

Do you want to get more out of your landscape images and take them to the next level? You will learn effective and professional post-production techniques through Adobe Lightroom. However, this course will give you confidence in image editing even if you're a complete beginner to post-production, there is something for everyone!

Advanced editing in Adobe Photoshop, showing you how I achieve my signature style for my images! Let me show you how to enhance your images with Adobe Photoshop with advanced editing techniques, showcasing breathtaking before - after image comparisons.

How I structured this course!

Module 1: In the first module, we will learn the basics of Lightroom, how to import, catalogue and create subfolders inside of Lightroom. One of the most beneficial features of Lightroom is the ease of your workflow and organisation created inside the program.

Module 2: Inside module number two, we will explore the develop module, starting to explore the editing features of Lightroom. Inside module two, we will discover what each slider does directly to the image.

Module 3: Module number 3 we will begin to edit the landscape and travel photography images. Through ALL 15 lessons, we will uncover something new and unique to the pictures. As a result, we will look at a landscape, cityscape, blue hour, winter, milky way, waterfall, sunrise, HDR, panoramic image and much much more.

Module 4: In this section, we will look at more advanced editing techniques in Lightroom.

Module 5: Exporting in module number 5, how to export for social media (Instagram and Facebook), website and best results for printing images.

Module 6: The last module, here we look at advanced editing techniques

Bonus: Download 65 RAW images that we will use throughout this entire course, and a PDF file of Image blending and LIghtroom hotkeys.

ALWAYS REMEMBER! I'm delighted to answer all your questions! Head over and join the Facebook page for further inspiration, comments and follow up feedback about future images!

Course Outline Summary:

  • Step-by-step easy to follow editing procedure
  • All 65 RAW files for Adobe Lightroom
  • Personal Support for comments & questions
  • Understand the entire workflow of Lightroom
  • Learn necessary advanced techniques in Adobe Photoshop
  • Learn my entire workflow from start to finish.

Create the images that you've always dreamt of capturing!

44 Lessons

Basic of Adobe Lightoom
3 mins
free preview
3 mins
Adobe Lightroom Editing Overview
free preview
6 mins
Importing, Catalogue and Folders in Adobe Lightroom
free preview
5 mins
Advanced Organisation of Lightroom
4 mins
Hidden Gems in Adobe Lightroom
5 mins
Overview of the Lightroom Panels
MASTER Lightrooms Develop Module
5 mins
Understand the Histogram
10 mins
The Power of Local Adjustments
9 mins
Basics Of Global Adjustments
5 mins
Tone Curves
5 mins
Learn Color - Hue, Saturation & Luminance
4 mins
Split Toning - Adobe Lightroom's Secret Weapon
7 mins
MASTER - Sharpening & Noise Reduction
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About the instructor

Matthew  Storer

Matthew Storer is an award-winning professional landscape & travel photographer from Australia. With over 20+ years as a photographer and travelling to over 100 countries …

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