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Advanced Brainstorm Techniques

——   Created by Paul Sloane

Drive Innovation by Facilitating Meetings which Generate Terrific Ideas

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Unlock the creativity in you and your team by learning how to run really effective brainstorms, ideation sessions and ideas meetings. This course takes you beyond basic brainstorming into powerful methods which displace people out of their comfort zones and enable them to generate many radical ideas. You learn how to evaluate and refine the initial ideas so as to select a handful of winning ideas to implement.

The course steps you through the structure of a successful brainstorm by explaining how and when you use divergent thinking and convergent thinking. It includes 14 brainstorming tools which are proven to deliver great ideas. It shows how you select the best ideas. It includes the remarkable How? Wow! Now! method for voting on ideas. Although it is primarily focussed on group activities, the course contains methods which you can use on your own to boost your personal creativity. The 14 brainstorm methods are varied, energizing, entertaining and highly effective.

When you complete this course you will be able to run highly effective brainstorms which deliver actionable results for your team, your department and your organisation.  It will help enable you to drive innovation and advance your career. You will become known as someone who can lead teams to achieve creative and successful solutions to important problems.

13 Lessons

3 mins
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The Basics. The Set-up, Brainstorm Principles, The Structure, Evaluating ideas
15 mins
Brainstorm Fundamentals
9 mins
Evaluating and Selecting Ideas
Icebreakers and SCAMPER
4 mins
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11 mins
Nominal Method, Pass the Parcel, Redefine the Problem, Reverse the Problem
12 mins
Nominal Method and Pass the Parcel
10 mins
Redefine the Problem and Reverse the Problem
Lateral Methods - Random Word and What if? Similes and Freewriting.
9 mins
Random Word and What if? Methods
8 mins
Similes and Freewriting
Three More Methods and Summary
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Paul  Sloane
Paul Sloane
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Paul Sloane gained a first class degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. He came top of Sales School at IBM. He went on to become …

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