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Advanced Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

——   Created by Peter Torok

Enter the non-physical world! Astral Travel, Shamanic Journey, Out of Body Experience, OBE and Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

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Students will learn to use my own method based on Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming`s Direct technique, which means conscious transition from meditation into the non-physical realm.

I personally think that we can learn so much about ourselves and the nature of the mind through this meditation. The out of body state enables us to peek into the structure of reality, to look into our subconscious mind and to explore spirituality in a truly experiential way!

My achievements in the field

-Over 700 lucid dreams since 2010

-Received Dream Yoga initiation from Chogyal Rinpoche (Karma Kagyu Buddhism)

-Healing Dream Work and Dream Therapy practitioner

-I teach on retreats internationally, Author of 4 best-selling courses

-Specialization of entering lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition (W.I.L.D. method)

-Expertise in dream interpretation, eliminating nightmares and dream herbs

-Dream yoga practice, e.g.: meditation in lucid dreams, clearing the dream & manifestation

-Advanced dream control skills, e.g.: summoning persons, going through walls, flying, creating objects, communicating with the subconscious mind & dream-guides

The benefits of Astral Projection and Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

-The absence of physical boundaries is feels incredibly blissful

-People describe the journey as one of the most important experiences of their life

-Spiritual exploration in a practical, experiential way, e.g.: spirit guides, angels, psychic powers, Akashic records, past lives

-Learn the laws of the non-physical realm / astral realm / energy body

-Explore worlds beyond the known; travel through space, walls and portals

-In the non-physical realm, one may manifest anything and live out any fantasy

-You can master deep relaxation, yoga nidra and meditation

-Gain advanced dream control skills to lengthen and stabilize your altered states of consciousness experiences

-Eliminate nightmares and sleep paralysis; discover the root of any fears you may have

-The fear of death may completely disappear for some people

-Self healing: access memories and tackle the source of emotional conflicts

-Unleash your lucid creativity like Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci, whose inventions came to them in their lucid dreams

Why choose My course?

-You will learn from a PGCE qualified teacher, Dream therapist and Best-selling author

-You will learn my own step-by-step method, which allows me to enter the OBE state on demand

-You will receive my own guided meditations and I am here to answer your questions

-Custom made animations explain abstract concepts, step-by-step

What does Astral Projection feel like?

An out of body experience is somewhat similar to a lucid dream, except it feels even more mystical and liberating. Much more. This makes it a profoundly spiritual experience. Imagine that you are lying in bed and meditating. You become really relaxed, so much so that you`re hardly feeling your body. Your mind is calm and present. Suddenly, you begin to sense a peculiar vibration all over your body, which doesn`t really feel like anything we`re used to. It`s like all of your cells are vibrating in union. Sometimes, it is accompanied by a special throbbing sound too. If you are able to just observe this and allow to be enveloped by the vibration, you can reach a point when you begin to sense a sort of duplicate of your physical body. Let`s call this the `energy body` for the sake of understanding. You begin to feel and perceive with this new subtle body instead of your physical one. Then you begin to move with this body or even see it. And that is when the mind-blowing thing happens: You feel that your `energy body` literally pops out of your physical body and then you’re suddenly seeing yourself from above! You are completely self-aware and conscious, there aren`t any dreamlike projections around you. You are standing beside your body, looking down at yourself and you are free to do anything, free to go anywhere! This is how I experience my out of body experiences.

41 Lessons

Introduction - Doorway to the Non-physical World
8 mins
My First Out of Body Experience / Astral Projection
free preview
2 mins
3 mins
Astral Projection Explained
1 min
Doorway to the Non-Physical: Meditation
5 mins
Creative uses of Lucid Dreaming and the Non-Physical Realm
Astral Projection step-by-step Training
4 mins
My Astral Projection & OBE Training Method
2 mins
The Energy Body
6 mins
The Levels of Lucid Dreaming and Non-Physical Awareness
6 mins
Hypnagogic Preparation
4 mins
Mental preparation & Meditation in sitting position
3 mins
Meditation in Lying Position
3 mins
Exit phase: Separation from the Physical body
1 min
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Peter  Torok
Peter Torok
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Achievements in Lucid Dreaming

Over 700 documented lucid dreams since 2010

Received Dream Yoga initiation from Chogyal Rinpoche (Karma Kagyu Buddhism) & Permission to teach …

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