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Advanced Microsoft Word 2019

——   Created by Simon Sez IT

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15h 23m
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You’re probably using a fraction of the functionality available in Microsoft Word. In this Advanced Word course, we take a deep dive into Microsoft Word’s advanced functions.


We teach you how to automate tasks in Word, how to make Word documents simpler to navigate and use, how to protect Word documents, how to break up documents, how to use different views, how to track changes, how to use Footnotes and Endnotes and so much more.


If you are spending a lot of time in Word, this could be the course that saves you hours each week.


You need to have a basic understanding of how to use Microsoft Word before starting this course.


In this course, you will learn:


●     How to find and replace special characters

●     All about spelling, grammar, and autocorrect options

●     How to work with different views in Word

●     How to style and use formulas in Tables in Word

●     Best practice for images including compressing images, captions, 3d models, and icons

●     How to make use of Text Boxes in Word

●     How to use section, page, and column breaks

●     All about Master and Subdocuments

●     How to utilize hyperlinks

●     How to use Word Templates

●     How to modify document properties

●     How to use Themes and Custom Themes

●     How to protect documents with passwords, read-only and digital signatures

●     How to mark up and track changes in a Word document

●     How to compare and combine versions in Word

●     All about using Citations, Tables of Authority, and Bibliographies

●     How to create and insert a working Form in Word

●     To use Macros to automate basic tasks

●     How to share documents with others

126 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction
4 mins
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9 mins
Getting Help
free preview
3 mins
Exercise 01
Section 2: Word Essential Skills
13 mins
Increase Efficiency with Keyboard Shortcuts
5 mins
Working with Screentips
14 mins
Working with The Ribbon
4 mins
Using Rulers
13 mins
Find and Replace Formatting
11 mins
Find and Replace Special Characters
16 mins
Using the Navigation Pane and GoTo
13 mins
Check Spelling, Grammar and Conciseness
13 mins
AutoCorrect Options
12 mins
Grouping Objects
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Simon Sez IT
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