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Advanced PivotTables in Excel

——   Created by Simon Sez IT

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In this Advanced PivotTables in Excel course, we teach you how to make the most of this powerful data analysis function.

In this course, we give a PivotTable refresher before moving onto some of the advanced features of this tool. Advanced Sorting, Slicers, Timelines, Calculated Fields, Pivot Charts, and Conditional Formatting are just a few of the subjects included in this PivotTable deep-dive.

This course is perfect for intermediate users of Excel who are comfortable using the PivotTable function. We don’t recommend this course for people brand new to Excel.


In this course, you will learn:


●     How to do a PivotTable (a quick refresher)

●     How to combine data from multiple worksheets for a PivotTable

●     Grouping, ungrouping and dealing with errors

●     How to format a PivotTable, including adjusting styles

●     How to use the Value Field Settings

●     Advanced Sorting and Filtering in PivotTables

●     How to use Slicers, Timelines on multiple tables

●     How to create a Calculated Field

●     All about GETPIVOTDATA

●     How to create a Pivot Chart and add sparklines and slicers

●     How to use 3D Maps from a PivotTable

●     How to update your data in a PivotTable and Pivot Chart

●     All about Conditional Formatting in a PivotTable

49 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction
4 mins
Introduction to Advanced PivotTables
free preview
13 mins
PivotTables Recap
free preview
10 mins
Importing data from a text file
Section 2: Importing Data
9 mins
Importing data from Access
5 mins
Exercise 01
18 mins
Cleaning Data
Section 3: Preparing Data for Analysis
17 mins
Tabular Data
4 mins
Exercise 02
13 mins
Creating and Manipulating a PivotTable
Section 4: Creating and Manipulating PivotTables
13 mins
Combining Data from Multiple Worksheets
12 mins
Grouping and Ungrouping
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Simon Sez IT
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