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ADVANCED Reiki: How to DOUBLE your Income

——   Created by Marc Wynn

Advanced technique for Reiki healers that PROVES your healing energy is REAL to improve results and number of clients

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1h 44m
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If you want to INCREASE your income and DOUBLE your healing power, this course is for you.

I will show you an amazing technique using the energy in your hands and eyes that will PROVE your healing is real. When you demonstrate this skill to your clients, they will think you are amazing and incredible.

This is IMPORTANT because :

  • it instills belief and confidence in your clients in your healing abilities
  • the new belief boosts the healing process
  • your clients are happier and healthier
  • they book more treatments, add great reviews and refer more friends

       ****************************** More clients will result in more income *********************************

The content of this course originated 5,000 years ago and took me many years to master. It is now my pleasure to be able to share it with you in a form that you and your clients will benefit from.

My Amazing Technique

I will show you how to extract the impurities from a glass of wine and change its chemical composition. You know the wine is 'energised/healed' because when you taste it, it tastes so much better than the wine from the bottle, which will be like vinegar in comparison. Really !!!

*********************** When YOUR clients taste both, they will think you are amazing ***********************************

               If you can do this to a liquid like wine, image the benefits to a human body which is 80% liquid.

Your healing power is also function of your personal energy. Therefore I show you 3 powerful energy exercises that will BOOST your energy, make you energised, feel great and younger too.

Everything in this course is based on my personal experiences and knowledge gained over 22 years of studying and practising healing. I work with energy everyday and know its power and transforming qualities. This course is intended to transform both your life and that of your clients and explains :

  • why mankind was created and the meaning to life
  • how the 1% physical and 99% non physical (spiritual) world work together
  • why we are here and how the spiritual world is helping you 24 hours a day : 7 days a week
  • how the healing process actually works
  • what illness and pain is and where it comes from
  • how your personal energy blocks or promotes the healing process
  • why some people achieve better healing results
  • how you can BOOST your personal energy so you are healthier, look younger and feel more alive
  • what to say to clients to improve their mental, spiritual and physical well being

You will also receive CERTIFICATION having completed the course to demonstrate this new skill.

Finally, you will receive an invitation to my SUPERachievers Group on facebook , which is for people who wish to lead a SUPERspecial life. Each week I provide free coaching to tell you the TRUTH about how life works, so you can enhance your life.

I look forward to you joining this course and being able to work with you.

'Stay excited.'


15 Lessons

4 mins
Healing Knowledge
8 mins
Spiritual Truth - Why Mankind Was Created
6 mins
Why We Are Here
13 mins
The Reason Why People Are Ill or in Pain
13 mins
How Healing Works
4 mins
What Inhibits Healing
3 mins
Boosting Your Personal Energy
7 mins
Why It Is Important To Boost Your Energy
11 mins
Exercise 1 : Shake Tap and Rub
11 mins
Exercise 2 : 8 Energy Circuit
7 mins
Exercise 3 : Falun Gong (part 1 only)
4 mins
Applying the Techniques
Proof of Healing Techniques
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About the instructor

Marc Wynn
Marc Wynn
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For 22 years I have been studying life, energy, spirit, healing, Law of Attraction to understand why I am here, how the spiritual world works …

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