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Advanced TypeScript: Generic Search, Sorting, and Filtering

——   Created by Chris Frewin

Starting with basic examples using generics to a full fledged interactive UI! Featuring TypeScript and React!

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This course is going to be all about using generics in TypeScript. In this course, we'll start off by going over some examples of what generics are in TypeScript and when they can be used to our advantage.

We'll learn and see how to create generic search, sort, and filter functions that can be applied to any type of data we throw at them. To give the generic functions life, we'll use a simple React UI with made-up 'Widget' and 'Person' data types.

As with all my other courses, through each lesson of the course, I make commits to a git repository, which you can access lesson by lesson and see the application run on your own machine. The repository is on GitHub, and will be in the resources for Lesson 2.

Generics are a fairly advanced aspect of TypeScript, and this course will not be going over more of the basics. If you'd be interested in a TypeScript overview course, please let me know; I think that's something I could put together. Otherwise, I think there are plenty of other great TypeScript tutorials out on the web, and I'll link to some of the ones I've used myself in the class resources.

I put a lot of time and effort into this course to show you the power of generics, and how to use them throughout your applications. I hope you enjoy this course!

19 Lessons

Introduction and Environment Setup
4 mins
Introduction and Course Overview
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3 mins
Environment Setup
free preview
TypeScript Generics Introduction and Data Setup
12 mins
A First Look on How to Use Generics in TypeScript
6 mins
Additional Generics in TypeScript Example
8 mins
Creating Mock Data for the Application
Building a Generic Search Function and UI in React with TypeScript
13 mins
Crafting a Generic Search Function in TypeScript
7 mins
Creating a Search Input for Our Generic Search Function
6 mins
Adding a useDebounce React Hook to Reduce Search onChange Event Load
Building a Generic Sort Function in React with TypeScript
5 mins
Crafting a Generic Sort Function in TypeScript
13 mins
Creating a Generic Sort React Component
20 mins
Improving the Application's UI
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Chris Frewin
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