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Alcohol Ink Painting Techniques

——   Created by Kellie Chasse

Bees and flowers

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This class was created to help you work with alcohol inks in a loose way,'ll also be creating some little details along the way! 

Hello and welcome to the Course!

This class was created to help you work with alcohol inks in a loose way,'ll also be creating some little details along the way! 

I adore bumblebees and flowers, so when I found this little one hanging out on my first lupine flower of the season, I had to paint it. 

Bees are such an important part of life on this earth, I just felt that we all need to save the bees, and what a great way to honor them by painting one. 

 This alcohol ink class is geared towards beginners or crafty creatives that are looking for a quick art outlet.


  • Choose appropriate alcohol ink materials (any brand is fine).
  • Quick tips on working with masking fluid and alcohol inks. 
  • The Download/printable PDF supply list is included below.
  • Discuss how to mount your yupo painting on a wooden cradleboard.

I am so thankful to have you here! 

If you are ready to explore this painting, then let's jump in!

Kellie Chasse

Simple living| Debt Free| Content Creator

"Don't take life to seriously and always stay Creative!"

The course project

Hi peeps,

Thanks for completing the course, are you ready for your class projects?

You will be completing your own bee and flower paintings!

Here are a few examples/ideas of some other types of flowers you can try for your project.

These are super easy to do and adding the little bees in there, creates some adorable images. Plus you can take any of your practice bees and glue them onto your other flowers at the end and add that little touch of UV resin to make it pop off the page. 

Please make sure to post any or all of your projects with us, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Be sure to take a photo of your finished piece!

Happy Painting!

~ Kell

16 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
11 mins
Alcohol ink sealer tests
free preview
9 mins
Background practice
4 mins
Adding alcohol inks over textured background
8 mins
Bee practice
6 mins
Bee sketching more realistic
8 mins
Bee on textured background
6 mins
Practice techniques
8 mins
Honeycomb texture
5 mins
3 mins
Background alcohol ink bumble bee pour
2 mins
Alcohol ink bumble bee removing masking
6 mins
Alcohol ink bumble bee starting some details
7 mins
Alcohol ink bumble bee more details
5 mins
Trimming your painting
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Kellie Chasse
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