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Audio Engineering: All About Microphones

——   Created by Audio Czar

An Overview of all things mics for anyone needing to gain a better understanding of microphones

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With so may mics on the market it can be challenging knowing what mics are used for what and what to know about mics before purchasing them. This course for anyone who wants to learn more about microphones. Microphone types, kinds, and popular microphones and what they are used on are just a few of things covered in this course. This course is over 30 minutes of content.

11 Lessons

1 min
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5 mins
Dynamic Mic, Condenser Mic, Ribbon Mic, USB Mic
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3 mins
FET Transformer, FET Transformer less, Tube
3 mins
Polar Patterns, Pad, High Pass / Low Cut Filter
3 mins
Frequency Response, SPL, Signal to Noise, Self Noise
2 mins
Lavalier Mic and Shotgun Mic
2 mins
Matched Pairs
4 mins
What Mics for What Sources
6 mins
Popular Mics
5 mins
Mic Purchasing Tips
1 min

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Audio Czar
Audio Czar
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Czar was born in Nashville, but got his musical roots while being raised in Memphis. He worked for a few studios in Memphis as well …

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