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Alternate REALITY Life Transformation Course

——   Created by Marc Wynn

PROVEN energy healing solution to achieve health, wealth, happiness, love, confidence and energy

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2h 27m
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This course is a GAME CHANGER and can solve all your problems.

There are two versions of you. Your 'current REALITY' where you may be ill, in debt, lacking in confidence, depressed, suffering from bad relationships and there is your 'TRUE REALITY' where your life has no problems.

Your TRUE REALITY was given to you at birth where your life was great an there were no problems. However, over the years we all have made bad decisions or bad experiences and created our current REALITY' and with it problems.


Using a proven method, this course will show you how to swap these realities so that you can go from:

  • Being ill to being healthy
  • Being in debt to having money
  • Lacking in confidence to being confident
  • Feeling depressed to being excited about your life
  • Having bad relationships to being loved

I have done this in my own life with :

  • money - I was seriously in debt AND NOW have financial freedom
  • health - I had 18 ops on my vocal cords AND AM NOW healthy
  • depression - I would cry most days AND AM NOW excited about my life

I am just an ordinary guy and if this works for me, it will work for you too. In this course you also learn :

  • the meaning to life and why we are here
  • why the 1% physical world was created
  • how the 1% physical world and the 99% non physical spiritual world co-exists simultaneously
  • how the spiritual world is helping you 24/7 with your life

This course is a life transforming opportunity and the technique that I have developed takes just 90 seconds.

You will also an invitation to my SUPERachievers Group on facebook, which is for people who wish to have a SUPERspecial life. There you will receive free weekly coaching to help make your life truly successful.

Come and join me I can guarantee your life will be transformed forever.


14 Lessons

4 mins
5 mins
What is an alternate reality? FIRST FACT
9 mins
What is an alternate reality? SECOND FACT
9 mins
What is an alternate reality? - THIRD FACT
9 mins
EXCERCISE : Your wheel of life
5 mins
EXERCISE : Defining the reality you want to swap
10 mins
Your Beliefs
39 mins
The Meaning of Life
12 mins
Universal Laws
16 mins
Taking Back Control
3 mins
7 mins
Changing Your Emotional Standpoint
20 mins
Change Your Reality
8 mins
Your Daily Programme and Summary

About the instructor

Marc Wynn
Marc Wynn
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For 22 years I have been studying life, energy, spirit, healing, Law of Attraction to understand why I am here, how the spiritual world works …

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