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Android Paging 3 Masterclass

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Build an Android app using Paging 3 library

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6h 11m
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he Paging 3 library helps you load and display pages of data from a larger dataset from local storage or over network. This approach allows your app to use both network bandwidth and system resources more efficiently. The components of the Paging 3 library are designed to fit into the recommended Android app architecture, integrate cleanly with other Jetpack components, and provide first-class Kotlin support.

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of Paging 3 library and will be able to implement it in your own project. We will cover the topic on Paging Source, Remote Mediator, Load State, Header, Footer, UI Models etc. We well cover both Kotlin Flow and RxJava with Paging 3 library.

This course is fully practical and we will build an Android application from scratch. We will be using a MVVM architecture and we will use the Android library like Retrofit, Room, Coroutines, Flow, RxJava, Timber etc.

The Paging 3 library includes the following features:

  • In-memory caching for your paged data. This ensures that your app uses system resources efficiently while working with paged data.
  • Built-in request deduplication, ensuring that your app uses network bandwidth and system resources efficiently.
  • Configurable RecyclerView adapters that automatically request data as the user scrolls toward the end of the loaded data.
  • First-class support for Kotlin coroutines and Flow, as well as LiveData and RxJava.
  • Built-in support for error handling, including refresh and retry capabilities.

57 Lessons

10 mins
Paging 3 library overview
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8 mins
Base Project Walk through
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1 min
Add Permission
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4 mins
Add Endpoint
free preview
4 mins
Create Response Model
7 mins
Build Network Service
8 mins
Create Retrofit Object
6 mins
Create Paging Model and Mapper
Paging Source Flow
18 mins
Create Paging Source For Flow
9 mins
Flow PagingSource Repository
4 mins
Create ViewModel
6 mins
Create ViewModelProvider Factory
5 mins
Implement ViewModel
8 mins
Add Application Class
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