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Android WorkManager Masterclass

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Learn and master the android jetpack work manager

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WorkManager is a library used to enqueue deferrable work that is guaranteed to execute sometime after its Constraints are met. WorkManager allows observation of work status and the ability to create complex chains of work. WorkManager uses an underlying job dispatching service when available based on the following criteria

· Uses JobScheduler for API 23+

· Uses a custom AlarmManager + BroadcastReceiver implementation for API 14-22

All work must be done in a ListenableWorker class. A simple implementation, Worker, is recommended as the starting point for most developers. With the optional dependencies, you can also use CoroutineWorker or RxWorker. All background work is given a maximum of ten minutes to finish its execution. After this time has expired, the worker will be signalled to stop.

There are two types of work supported by WorkManager: OneTimeWorkRequest and PeriodicWorkRequest. We will cover both on this course and we will learn from very basic and we will master the skill by the end on the course.

In the first section will learn about the basic concept and in the second section we will learn about the CoroutineWork and in the third section we will learn about the RxJavaWork and we will build some practical application to understand all the concept clearly.

The course project

  1. WorkManager
  2. Room
  3. Retrofit
  4. Coroutine
  5. MVVM
  6. Kotlin

47 Lessons

10 mins
Getting Started With WorkManager
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6 mins
Create a Project and Dependencies
free preview
5 mins
Create a Home Fragment UI
free preview
9 mins
Create RandomNumber Worker
8 mins
WorkManager and WorkRequest
7 mins
WorkRequest Constraints
9 mins
Implement Input Data
5 mins
Implement Output Data
10 mins
Observer WorkInfo LiveData
7 mins
Cancel WorkRequest
8 mins
Chaining Work Request
9 mins
Parallel Work
2 mins
Work Request Initial Delay
3 mins
Get Input Data on Work Chain
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