Angels and Spirit 101

——   Created by Tracy Una Wagner

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Have you wanted to learn more about Angels - What's the 411 on these Divine Messengers?

Are you curious about the Spirit Realm - Where is it? Who and What are there?

Have you thought about going to a Psychic, Medium, Reader, or Intuitive, but you're not sure about it... or them?

Would you like to learn ways in which you can easily communicate with these beautiful Beings of Light?

In this course, we will delve into these subjects and SO much more!

Angels are messengers from on high sent to earth to help, guide, and comfort us when we need it. We all have the amazing gift of Free Will so we can learn to ask for their help at any time. You'll learn how to communicate with your Angel Guides and which of these winged wonders you're working with.

You also have a whole group of cheerleaders that are in the Spirit Realm which you can call upon for wisdom, advice, and instruction. Explore the world of Spirit and find out who is available to join your Spirit Team.

With a light-hearted and fun approach, we'll cover such topics as:

Angels, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Elementals, How You're Still Connected To Spirit, Engaging Communication, Historical Perspectives, Who and What Are Oracles, How to Seek Advice From Sources Such as Psychics and Mediums, Why You Might Be The One You're 'Seeking', and Much More!

You'll create tools that will help you decipher the information coming from Spirit and learn about other resources available for you to go deeper into this study.

After joining the course you'll be invited to join The LightWorkers and Earth Angels Academy Facebook Group which will be a source of continued learning, coaching, and investigating while connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals like You!

I've also created a package of goodies that will help you continue the momentum of learning and working with your Angels and Spirit Team!

Welcome! I look forward to greeting you inside!

The course project

Crafting For Communication

Here are two fun and easy projects to help you communicate with your Angels and Spirit Team quickly and almost effortlessly


download templates here:

Candle Work:

You Can Also Find The Video Step-By-Step In The 'Crafting For Communication' Course Section 


Your Free Gift:

Thank You For Your Interest In This Course - I Truly Appreciate It

33 Lessons

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Course overview
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Introduce yourself
Historical perspectives
Defining spirit
Where is the spirit?
What's in spirit?
Leave or stay
What are angels?
Hierarchy angels
Angel 411
Archangel 411
The Elementals
Ascended masters
Ancestors, family, and friends
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Hello, I'm Tracy - Transpersonal Energy System Guide | Ancient Mystical Civilizations Theorist | Paranormal Researcher | Angel Guide | Mystical Shaman | Author | Animal Advocate. Tracy was born and raised in a Metaphysical home where stories of paranormal phenomena, clairvoyant experiences, and superhuman feats were the talk at the …

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