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Angular unit test case using Jasmine and Karma

——   Created by Munesh Sharma

Angular unit test using Jasmine and Karma

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More about this course

I welcome you all to this amazing course. Hope the learning would add value to your knowledge and you will learn How to write an angular unit tests using Jasmine and Karma

Wishing you a happy learning. Please do comment and provide feedback on the course.


  • Visual Studio Code
  • Before continuing on this course we should have basic knowledge on Angular

This course will teach you about:

Angular unit test case using Jasmine and Karma, we will cover every topic which we use to create a angular application

  • Automated testing concepts and tools
  • What to unit test and how angular unit test flow
  • Tracking how much of your code is covered by tests using code coverage
  • Testing re-usable components
  • Testing templates driven
  • Testing forms driven
  • Testing Spy
  • Testing HTTP client
  • Testing navigation
  • Testing attribute directives
  • Mocking dependencies
  • Working with asynchronous operations
  • What is TestBad

This course is suitable for:

Beginner and experienced angular developers

About project implementation

In this course, we will see each topic with a real-time example and we will see how to implement all concepts in Visual studio code so we are able to understand it very well.

I recommend, please install visual studio code so it will be helpful to implement logic in visual studio and you will learn every concept practically.

It will be very helpful if you have basic knowledge of angular.

I am glad that you successfully completed the course.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Keep growing.

Have a wonderful life ahead!!!!!

44 Lessons

2 mins
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8 mins
Introduction of Jasmine & Karma
free preview
9 mins
How Angular Unit test case Flow
13 mins
How to run angular unit test cases
11 mins
Jasmine & Karma Configuration With Angular
10 mins
First Angular Unit test case
6 mins
Exclude Angular unit test case from Execution
4 mins
Jasmin Matchers in angular unit test case
5 mins
ToBe and ToEqual in-built matcher in angular unit test
9 mins
toBe(true), toBeTrue() and toBeTruthy() , toBeFalse() and toBeFalsy() Jamine
5 mins
toBeGreaterThan() ,toBeGreaterThanOrEqual() ,toBeLessThan() ,toBeLessThanOrEqual
5 mins
toMatch() and toBeCloseTo() Jasmin Matcher
6 mins
toBeDefined and toBeUndefined Jasmine matcher
7 mins
tobenull() ,tocontain() ,tobeNan() , toBePositiveInfinity, toBeNegetiveInfinity
12 mins
BeforeEach and AfterEach Jasmine functions
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