Animate a Ninja in CrazyTalk Animator 3

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Learn how to apply the Animankenstein Formula in the animation of a Ninja performing some kicks

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Hi Mark Diaz here for 2DAnimation101 dot com. In this tutorial I am going to explain to you how to animate anything you want using the Animankenstein Formula and any animation software you like. For this course I will be using CrazyTalk Animator 3.

The first thing you need to start animating is, get a reference. For my case, I will use this line test of some awesome martial art kicks.

Then, in CrazyTalk Animator 3, I import the character, already rigged and ready to be animated.

Then I open YouTube, to see the first pose...

And I position my character like that.

Then I count how many frames I need to move the play head so my animation has the exact same timing as the reference I am copying from.

Then I see the character in the anticipation for the first kick, and

I duplicate that pose in CrazyTalk, moving the bones of my character as needed.

Then I check the kick in my reference,

and duplicate that pose in crazy talk.

And so on. It is super simple, all you have to do is check each of the poses, measure the number of frames you need between poses, and duplicate those poses in any animation software you like.

You can even do this frame by frame, with pencil and paper, just like I did this pencil test copying the kicks from an anime character fighting with another character.

Easy enough, right?

All you need to do for each pose is:

  1. Check the reference
  2. Count the number of frames between each pose
  3. Pose your character exactly as in the reference

You will have the in-between frames created automatically for you thanks to the interpolation feature inside CrazyTalk Animator 3.


And then, you end up with an animation like this.


If you already know how to use CrazyTalk Animator, then this tutorial is all you need to know to get it started and do this on your own, with any reference you want.

But if you are a total beginner, you can enroll to this crash course for FREE:

Animate a Ninja in CrazyTalk Animator 3

Inside you will find almost 3 hrs of video content in which I go in depth on each of the steps required to create this animation, step by step, super detailed.

So, if you are just starting in animation, and want to learn how to do this, step by step, then enroll for FREE right now. See you inside.

21 Lessons

Introduction to the Ninja Course
Setting Up
Prepare Images To Rig Character
Rig Character by Positioning the Joints
Import the Background
Defining Key Positions
Animating Pose to Pose
Setting Key Pose 1
Setting Key Pose 2
Setting Key Pose 3
Setting Key Pose 4
Setting Key Pose 5
Setting Key Pose 6
Fixing Pose 6
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