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Animate a Walk Cycle

——   Created by Sykosan

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More about this course

In this class you will learn how to animate a walk cycle, from a side view, in a traditional 2D hand-drawn style.

Who is this class for?

This class is suitable for artists who are already familiar with an animation app. Any app will do but I use Photoshop in this class. If you want to know more about the animation tools in Photoshop, then check out my previous lessons.

What will we cover?

  • How to create the key frames with a very simple stick figure.
  • Add a second pass of key frames, for the secondary animation, such as the hair and the head wobble.
  • Add the remaining pass of inbetweens for a smooth animation.
  • How to apply these principles to a more complex character.

Class Project:

Animate your own walk cycle, of a character of your choosing.

The course project

Animate your own walk cycle, of a character of your choosing. Try first to animate your character as a stick figure, to make sure you have the movement right. Then repeat the same process with all the details you want.

Post it here and I will comment and answer your questions.

Have fun!

6 Lessons

2 mins
15 mins
Key Frames
26 mins
Secondary Animation
7 mins
10 mins
Applying Those Tips
12 mins
Conclusion and Extras


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Allie Beinstein liked this class and said...

I am 56 and a really want to learn this ! Thank you.

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Hi! I'm Sykosan :)

I am French / British and I am a 2D traditional animator and illustrator since 2004. I am based in London. …

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