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Learn, practice, review, and master 120 essential YES/NO and WH questions in American Sign Language.

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IN THIS COURSE, you're going to learn, practice, review, and master 120 basic YES/NO and WH questions in ASL. Each question is taught in a separate video and the 120 questions are divided into groups of ten. First, you’ll learn question signs and ASL pronouns. Next, we’ll explore YES/NO and WH questions including the correct facial expressions. After that, you’ll learn how to fingerspell first names to be used when signing the rest of the questions in the course.

EACH ASL question has its own video lesson where the question is broken down into individual signs. You will learn correct handshape, hand position, and hand motion for each sign. The signs are then put together with lots of practice communicating the complete questions.

AFTER each group of 10 questions, we have a mini-review. After 3 groups of 10 questions (30 questions) there is a test. All review and testing sections include two separate parts: 1) signing, and 2) understanding. Throughout the course, you’ll also be shown how to re-use fundamental sentence structures with alternate vocabulary, names, and pronouns.

*** This course is designed to INCLUDE complete beginners without any prior knowledge of ASL. Previous ASL skills are welcome but NOT required.


  • Students will learn how to sign and understand one hundred and twenty (120) basic questions in ASL.
  • Students will learn to sign all ASL pronouns, the ASL alphabet, and how to fingerspell first names.
  • Students will learn handshape, hand position, and hand motion for each individual sign.
  • Students will learn basic sentence structures which can be used over and over in unique contexts.
  • Students will guarantee improvement with lots of practice, review lessons, and testing sections.
  • Students will be tested on their signing and understanding ability for all 120 questions in the course.


  • Students will be able to correctly sign one hundred and twenty (120) basic ASL questions.
  • Students will be able to understand and recognize all one hundred and twenty (120) questions.
  • Students will know how to correctly sign and understand YES/NO and WH questions in ASL.
  • Students will be able to use vocabulary and sentence structures to create their own ASL questions.
  • Students will be more confident signing and understanding complete questions with the Deaf community.


  • A desire to learn, improve, and be more confident signing in ASL
  • A desire to enrich your ASL vocabulary and communication skills
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone to access the study material


What is the main focus of this course?

  • This course focuses on learning many basic but essential questions in American Sign Language. After taking this course, students will be able to use pronouns, fingerspelled names, and vocabulary signs combined with essential sentence structures to create their own ASL questions.

Do I need to have prior knowledge or experience with ASL before taking this class?

  • No. This course is designed to include complete beginners without any prior knowledge of ASL. All necessary signs are taught step by step in the course.

Will this course test me on what is taught?

  • Yes. This course contains multiple review and testing sections where students have the opportunity to demonstrate their ASL signing and recognition skills.


  • Hello! My name is Michael. When I was three years old, my younger brother became sick with spinal meningitis. In the process, my brother became deaf with an almost complete hearing loss. This difficult situation provided a unique opportunity for my family and I to become fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). My brother was not sent away to a deaf or hard of hearing school. He grew up with us, his hearing family, and we were active in the deaf community.
  • As a police officer and federal investigator, I often used ASL to communicate with and serve the Deaf community. I decided to create ASL courses because it’s a useful and practical skill to have. Like learning any language, it opens your mind and creates the ability to communicate with a whole new group of people.

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Course Introduction
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ASL Info - Two Question Types
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Learn - HOW?
Learn - WHAT?
Learn - WHEN?
Learn - WHERE?
Learn - WHICH?
Learn - WHO?
Learn - WHY?
Learn - WHAT-DO?
Learn - WHAT-FOR?
Learn - YES/NO Question Face
Sign - Question Signs
Understand - Question Signs
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Alexis McIntosh - Loved it and his energy! Learned more than I expected!

Derek Barnes - Best ASL teacher ever!

Lauren O'Callaghan - Love the instructors approach to teaching...attitude, technique, delivery...all on point!

Tony Austin - I have had several asl classes …

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