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Astrology 101

——   Created by Elena Sakopoulos

Learn to Read People Like a Pro!

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This course will walk you through a beginners' approach to astrological interpretation. Whether you are considering beginning a career in astrology and the healing arts, or if you'd just like the skills to creep on new crushes and impress friends and family, this is the course for you.

Each of us was born when the planets were aligned in a certain configuration in the sky, which imparts a specific life path and personality characteristics. The particular configuration during the moment of your birth is captured in what is called an astrological “birth chart”. In this course we will break down the basics of the planets and the zodiac signs, the houses and aspects, and everything else you need to read like a pro. It's going to be a blast!

No prior understanding with astrology is required to participate in this class, but you do need to have a copy of your birth chart. I recommend pulling a copy of your birth chart from, which is free and reliable. You will need to enter your birth date, time (precise to the nearest minute), and location in order to get an accurate chart. I have a full tutorial on pulling a copy of your chart on YouTube.

The course project

By the end of this class, you will have successfully interpreted your own astrological chart, along with the chart of one friend or family member (with their consent). You will be able to determine the placement of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant in an astrological chart, and by looking at their signs, houses, and relevant aspects to other planets, will be able to confidently analyze how they impact the native’s personality and life path.

Throughout the duration of this course, you will refer back to your chart as a guidepost for interpretation. You will be asked to write up a short written description of different placements that correspond to each lesson and post them in our project gallery. If you’re comfortable sharing a picture of your chart with our community, that would be awesome too!

9 Lessons

4 mins
1. Understanding the Signs
1 min
2. Planets & Basics of Interpretation
8 mins
3. Understanding the Houses
5 mins
4. Incorporating Outer Planets
5 mins
5. Understanding Aspects
4 mins
6. Incorporating the Asteroids
3 mins
7. Unlocking the Degrees
6 mins
8. Transits (The Key to Deciphering your Horoscope)
2 mins
9. Conclusion & What's Next

About the instructor

Elena Sakopoulos

I am an experienced astrologer with a passion for helping others uncover their true selves. With a compassionate nature and capacity to see clients’ whole …

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