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Audio Engineering: Mixing With Studio One

——   Created by Audio Czar

This course shows me mixing a rap song in Presonus Studio One

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1h 39m
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This course I mix a song from scratch in Studio One. I use all Studio One plugins. Though I use studio one the mixing techniques in this course can be applied to basically any DAW. I have included a before and after file so you can compare. I am also attaching a file with my contact info. Make sure your listening on a good pair of headphones or speakers for best results. 

  • headphones or speakers are required to get the best experience. Having a DAW is highly recommended.

7 Lessons

1 min
13 mins
Setting up the Song To Be Mixed
11 mins
Mixing the Drums
20 mins
Mixing the Music
26 mins
Mixing Vocals
24 mins
Effects and Automation
7 mins

About the instructor

Audio Czar
Audio Czar
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Czar was born in Nashville, but got his musical roots while being raised in Memphis. He worked for a few studios in Memphis as well …

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