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Authenticity and Awakening for Lovable Idiots

——   Created by Ira Israel

Learn all of the skills necessary to keep you at the high end of your happiness spectrum for the rest of your life

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2h 34m
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The only thing that correlates strongly with happiness is the quality of our intimate relationships. If we want to have positive, functional, loving, compassionate, supportive relationships then we have to learn how to be authentic. This course will give you a unique and fresh reframing of who you are and why you think the stuff that you think. You will learn how your mind was built and what it was primarily designed to do. Then you will learn how to hack the system to make it work more smoothly.

  • Learn why you think what you think
  • Learn how and why you became inauthentic
  • Learn how to think better thoughts starting today
  • Learn how to clean up your past in order to show up authentically for the present
  • Learn how to transcend your fears
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Learn how to release resentments
  • Learn how to overcome self-sabotage
  • Learn how to forgive everyone including yourself
  • Learn how to create a life full of positive relationships

15 Lessons

7 mins
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16 mins
What is Authenticity?
14 mins
What is Attachment (Theory)?
15 mins
13 mins
20 mins
6 mins
13 mins
Authentic Happiness
2 mins
How To Be Happy
11 mins
What is Awakening?
7 mins
Written Thought Experiment
10 mins
What is Vedanta?
11 mins
Buddhist Psychology
8 mins
How To Own Your Life
9 mins
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About the instructor

Ira  Israel
Ira Israel
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Ira Israel is the author of “How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re and Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening,” which is endorsed …

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