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Automotive Starting System Operation and Schematic Diagnosis

——   Created by Steven Liguori

Work like a Detective to Quickly Narrow Down the Possible Causes of an Electrical Problem

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This Course Focuses on Teaching Beginner Students, Intermediate Students and Do-it-Yourselfers to Understand Automotive Starting System Operation and Electrical Schematics. Steve Simplifies the Concepts and Explains a Process that can Promote Quick and Accurate Diagnostic Results.

By taking this course, Students will be able to Understand and Narrow Down the Potential Causes of Starting System Problems. For New Technicians, Practicing what is Taught in this Program can consistently Decrease the Time it takes them to Diagnose Electrical Faults.

While the Course Focuses mainly on Starting System Schematics, the Diagnostic Principles and Procedures taught here can also be applied to other Automotive Electrical Systems. Although not Required to Benefit from this Course Depending on Your Experience, it is Recommended that my Beginner and Intermediate Electrical Schematic Diagnostic Courses be completed First Before taking this course.

Of course, if you are going to be doing any work yourself on a car, make sure you are Comfortable that you have the Hands-on Skills to do so. The course explains the Foundation material necessary to Understand and Diagnose many Basic and Intermediate Starting System Schematics. The more you practice what is taught in this course and apply the process to different wiring diagrams on your car, the more Comfortable and Proficient You Will Become.

19 Lessons

Introduction and Starting System Basics
4 mins
Starter purpose
free preview
3 mins
Simple starter schematic explained
free preview
4 mins
Detailed view of starter with schematic
free preview
Understanding Starting System Schematics
4 mins
Highlighting the Basic Starter Schematic
12 mins
Starter Diagnosis Scenerios
3 mins
Starter Schematic with Added Components
2 mins
Highlighting the Level 2 Starter Schematic
free preview
4 mins
Highlighting the Level 2 Starter Schematic - Review
Starting System Diagnostics
6 mins
Starter Diagnostic Practice - No Click
5 mins
Starter Diagnostic Practice - No Crank
5 mins
Starter Diagnosis - Special Situations
5 mins
Information Circuits - Review
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About the instructor

Steven Liguori

I am a fully Certified Master Automotive Technician by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and Scored 100% on the Electrical/Electronic Systems Certification Test. 

I have been a coach …

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