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Banking and Finance Accounting Statements Financial Analysis

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Banking and Finance: Accounting Statements Financial Analysis

Finance Training for Financial Analysts: Financial Analysis, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling and Valuation

Do you find Financial Statements difficult to read and understand?

Are you struggling with the Analysis of Financial Statements?

If you are looking to be a stand out Candidate for your next Financial Job, then the work starts here.

This Financial Training for Financial Analysts is not easy...but I have your back!

The objective of the course is to help you to understand, interpret and apply your knowledge of Finance, Accounting and Financial Statements. With my highly structured approach, I will take you step by step through this complex topic, making it easy to follow and easy to understand.  

Financial Statements are useful to:

  • understand the company’s ability to generate cash, the sources and uses of that cash
  • understand whether a business can repay its debts
  • to track profitability 
  • derive financial ratios to interpret the performance of the business
  • investigate the financial transactions of the firm

We are going to cover:

  • Why Financial Statements are important
  • An Introduction to Accounting Principles and Practices
  • What are Financial Statements?
  • How Financial Statements are intricately connected
  • The Importance of Working Capital and its management - the hidden message in Financial Statements
  • How can Financial Analysis help you to understand and interpret Financial Statements
  • Case Study - Apple Inc - Financial Statements analysis
  • Key Ratios and Analysis in Corporate Finance
  • How Financial Statements are used in Financial Modelling, Company Valuation and M&A

At the end of this course you will have an in-depth understanding of the purpose and use of financials statements in business and in finance. You will be able to read and interpret them. With understanding of financial statements comes knowledge.

This course will not teach you to become an accountant over night but it will give you a solid grounding in the understanding and interpretation of Financial Statements.

Importantly once you learn to read, understand and interpret Financial Statements you will have a financial skill which can be applied to any company in any industry, even though each industry sector has its own characteristics

This course has over 50 lectures, nearly all of which come with a downloadable copy of the Lecture Slide Deck which you can then use off line for revision and learning.

A little about me...

Following 8 years as a British Army Officer, John started his 30 year+ investment banking career in 1988 and since then he has floated companies, bought and sold companies in M&A deals, raised capital from Venture Capital and Private Equity. John was awarded the Tallow Chandler's Prize for the Best Dissertation in his year when graduating with his MBA (with Distinction) in 1993 from Cass Business School in London. John has transacted deals worth well over $1billion in his career as a senior Investment Banker for Westdeutschelandesbank, Societe General and Security Pacific Hoare Govett. He has also co-founded two London Investment Banking Boutiques. In his career, John has advised dozens of companies on their Business Strategy as well as reading (and writing for his clients) hundreds of Business Plans. In addition, John has two degrees (BA and MA) from Cambridge University.

Its hard to think of a more experienced or better qualified instructor to teach this topic!

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52 Lessons

Introduction and Welcome
5 mins
free preview
8 mins
Why financial statements are important
free preview
Introduction to Accounting
5 mins
What do we mean by financial accounting?
7 mins
Accounting standards and why they are important
7 mins
The concepts underlying accounting
8 mins
Single entry vs double entry
6 mins
Understanding the accounting equation
6 mins
The accounting cycle
8 mins
Introduction to financial statements
Introduction to Financial Statements
2 mins
Section intro: understanding financial statements
3 mins
Overview of financial statements
6 mins
Gaap accruals vs cash accounting
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