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Blockchain Security - 101

——   Created by Prakash Prasad

Learn the fundamentals of Blockchain Security

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1h 58m
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Total cost of Cyber Breach is 100 Billion Dollars. 

Cyber crime damage costs to hit $10 trillion annually by 2025.

The rapid growth and adoption of Blockchain Technology has open doors for many innovative solutions to make our life easier, but at the same time the bad guys are finding ways to breach into your systems. 

This Course will give you an apt understanding of Blockchain Security to protect your Enterprise from bad guys. 

Highlight of Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Money,Legal Tender and Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin and Silk Road
  • Blockchain
  • Address
  • Timestamp
  • Ledger and Distributed Ledger
  • Proof of Work (POW), Proof of Stake (POS), Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT)
  • Bitcoin, Blockchain Series of attack
  • Cryptography
  • Cryptography : A Story of Corporate Lover
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Hash Function
  • Hash Demo
  • Hash Properties
  • Proof of work (POW) Email Example
  • Digital Signature
  • Genesis Block, Merkle Tree
  • Mining
  • Blockchain Security Topics Overview
  • Blockchain Security
  • Access Control
  • Blockchain Node Interaction
  • Hardening of Server
  • Firewall and Server Security (Demo for Port Scan and Finding Running Processes using open source tool included)
  • Network Security
  • Permission Management
  • Regulating Blockchain Parameters
  • Target time Interval
  • Mining Difficulty
  • Mining Diversity
  • Blockchain Parameters
  • Secure Backup of Keys
  • Consensus Mechanism
  • Contingency Plan Policy Testing and Backup
  • Auditing and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Data Security and Data Privacy
  • Blockchain Attacks
  • Blockchain attacks types
  • Smart Contract Introduction and Features
  • Smart Contact Security Vulnerabilities
  • Smart Contract Security
  • Demo to find Smart Contact Vulnerabilities
  • Practice Cases Studies for self practice included
  • ICO Introduction and Brief History
  • ICO Security

20+ Awesome resources for you!

The course project

Blockchain Security Projects: 

Hash Function Demo Project (Please refer Video Class)

Smart Contract Case Study for Practice 1 & 2 (Please refer Video Class and Resources Section)

7 Lessons

5 mins
Blockchain Security Intro
free preview
4 mins
Blockchain Security: An Overview
free preview
13 mins
Blockchain Security: Key Concepts
16 mins
Cryptography, Hash Function, Digital Sigantures and more...
33 mins
Blockchain Security: Part 1
28 mins
Blockchain Security: Part 2
23 mins
Smart Contract Security & ICO Security


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