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Basics of Electrical Substations for Electrical Engineering

——   Created by Ahmed Mahdy

Course for electrical power engineering student who wants to know about electrical substations in electric power system.

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Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Function, classification, and voltage of electrical substations.
  • Main components like power transformers, conductors, insulators, switch gears, current transformer, capacitor voltage transformer, and voltage transformer.
  • Different types of circuit breakers, relays, and their classification according to time, construction, and function.
  • Learn the difference between circuit breaker and fuse, in addition to their applications.
  • Understand the definition of IP or ingress protection.
  • Grounding system including the effect of current on the human body and components of the grounding system,
  • Types of electric hazards and classification of the earthing systems.
  • Measuring the earthing resistance by Megger and the three-point method.
  • Design of an earthing system using ETAP program.
  • Ring main unit and its importance in the electrical power system.
  • Types of switches used in the electrical power systems and substations.
  • Overhead transmission lines, underground cables, and the difference between them.
  • Busbars in the power system, their importance, their different schemes, and how to select them.
  • Lightning arrester and wave trap are used in substations.
  • Air and gas-insulated substations.
  • Overview on the design of an electrical substation and single line diagram of 66/11 kV substation.

29 Lessons

Basics of Electrical Substations
7 mins
Introduction to Electrical Substation
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10 mins
Construction of Electrical Substation and Electrical Transformers
13 mins
Instrument Transformers and Principle of Operation of Trip Circuit
24 mins
Types Of Circuit Breakers And Fuses
7 mins
Types of Relays According to Function Construction and Time Characteristics
17 mins
Definition of Busbar and Its Schemes
11 mins
Construction of Underground Cables
16 mins
Construction of Over Head Transmission Lines
5 mins
Comparison between Underground Cables and Overhead Transmission Lines
8 mins
Types of Switches In Power System and Substations
8 mins
Importance of Capacitor Banks in Power System
7 mins
Other Important Components in Electrical Substation
6 mins
Classification of Substations
2 mins
Relation between Voltage and Substations
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Ahmed Mahdy

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