Becky's Chinese calligraphy lesson - Li Shu

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Learning Chinese Calligraphy Li Shu from Zero

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Hey everyone!

My name is Becky. It has been a while since I published my Chinese Calligraphy Lessons for beginners and The Beauty of Symmetry in Chinese Calligraphy. Some students wrote me messages to ask for more new lessons, I’m glad that you like this special art.

Becky’s Chinese Calligraphy Lesson--Lishu was made for your further studying. I filmed this course in my friend’s yard, where with a nice view and beautiful songs from birds surrounded. The weather was sunny, and sometimes it was a little bit windy, I really enjoyed the whole process of making these videos. And I hope you also like this course.

隶书Lìshū was the beginning of modern Chinese writing system, so it’s a very important style of Chinese characters. 《曹全碑》Cáo Quán Bēi Cao Quan Stone Tablet is a classic artwork written in 隶书Lìshū. It’s a Stone tablet from Han dynasty (185 AD), which recorded the stories of Cao Quan, a good official at that time.

To better experience the calligraphy in Cao Quan Stone Tablet, I chose 23 characters from this tablet, and share with you the 3 kinds of typical strokes and 3 contrasts on this tablet.

Last but not least, communication and sharing is a part of Chinese Calligraphy culture. Chinese calligraphers like to gather now and then, drinking tea, creating poetry,and writing calligraphy. Many famous Chinese calligraphy artworks were created during gatherings with friends. So I hope you can also share your practice artworks in our course community, and discuss with classmates and teachers. You’re also welcome to come to China and practice calligraphy with me and my friends.

The sample characters are available in the resource of each video, please download and practice !

Let’s beginning our learning of 《曹全碑》Cáo Quán Bēi Cao Quan Stone Tablet.

21 Lessons

Introduction of Li Shu (A writing system created in qin and developed in han dynasty)
Preparation of practicing Chinese calligraphy Li Shu cao quan bei
Basic stroke heng and shu in cao quan bei
Chinese character 土 tǔ dirt
Chinese character 上 shàng up
Chinese character 王 wáng king
Basic stroke 撇 pie
Chinese character 全 quán whole
Chinese character 于 yú at or in
Chinese character 君 jūn gentlemen or emperor
Basic stroke 捺 na
Chinese character 心 xīn heart
Chinese character 氏 shì surname
Chinese character 或 huò or
Contrast of round and square 纪 jì rule and 不 bù no
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About the instructor

My name is Becky. I've been teaching for 12 years, I would like to share with you more about Chinese calligraphy and painting! Chinese calligraphy and painting are combination of Chinese brush writing skills and artistic conception, which covers the Chinese history, philosophy, life and beauty-appreciation. With natural writing materials, …

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