Become a Better Photographer Part I

——   Created by Bernie Raffe

Tips & Tricks For Taking Amazing Photos With Any Camera

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5h 28m
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More about this course

Learn how to use great composition, light and posing to improve your photography. It's really quite amazing how you can get more creative and dramatic photos just with a better understanding of the basic principles.

What You'll Learn

  • Using Natural Lighting. How to work with natural light and to deal with the sun
  • Improving Your Composition. How to use composition to take more dramatic and creative images.
  • Tips on Posing for Portraits. How to flatter your family and friends with some great posing tips (individual and group posing)

London's Embankment Station

What You'll Make

In this class you will apply advanced techniques to your photography. You will take a series of portraits and landscape photographs that will significantly improve your personal shooting style. At each stage in your process you will have the opportunity to share your work with the rest of the students enrolled in this class and receive feedback on your development.

A trader at London''s Camden Market

The course project

Create A Suite Of Creative And Dramatic Images


Utilise the tips and tricks in this class to create a suite of creative and dramatic images. You'll use natural light and different composition techniques to elevate your photography with new techniques. Download the attached posing crib sheets and take them out with you when shooting portraits.


Post a collection of 5 photos to the project gallery, and include:

1. A portrait in natural light 

2. A portrait in a background you normally wouldnt consider (get creative!)

3. A landscape photograph (pay attention to the direction of light and backlighting)

4. A frame within a frame

54 Lessons

Course introduction
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Exposure triangle
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Apertures basics
Shutter speed basics
Exposure compensation
Depth of field LR
Camera shake
Depth of field compacts
Focusing sharp
Top shade
Sun and shade
Direction of light
Blue skies
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About the instructor

I'm a retired professional photographer based in Bedfordshire UK, and have been passionate about photography ever since my parents bought me my first camera when I was just 11 years old (a Kodak Brownie 127)!

I'm qualified as a photographer to 'Associate' level with both the MPA (Master Photographers Association), …

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