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Become a Better Photographer II

——   Created by Bernie Raffe

More Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Better Photos

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4h 26m
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The follow-on to the first Become A Better Photographer course, split into 3 distinct units:-

What You'll Learn

  • Miscellaneous tips and trick. e.g Taking photos in the snow, fireworks, idea for a dramatic portrait, trick for longer looking legs etc...
  • Landscapes and Scenery. Landscape photo tips, ideas from 2 great landscape photographers, visiualisationa and camera settings etc...
  • Onboard flash photography. get more pleasing backgrounds, tips on bouncing the flash, how to get more light modeliing for portraits etc....

The course project

3 Ways To Take Better Photos

UNIT 1: Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Show 3 photos each demonstrating a technique shown in this chapter:

1. Take a dramatic portrait using shutters, a wall or fence

2. Take a photo with the main subject off-centre, they must be in focus (obviously!)

3. Take a full length portrait of a woman, give her the appearance of longer legs (she won't complain!)

UNIT 2: Landscapes And Scenery

Show 2 landscape photos, exdplain what you were trying to achive and whether you think you succeeded

UNIT 3: 7 Tips For Better Flash Photos 

Show 3 flash photos:

1. Take an indoor photo, where the backgound is not too dark.

2. Take a portrait with a softer look than what you'd normally get with direct flash

3. Take an outdoor portrait, brightening the subject's eyes a little

36 Lessons

3 mins
free preview
5 mins
free preview
7 mins
Exposure triangle
7 mins
Apertures basic
3 mins
Shutter speed basics
8 mins
8 mins
Exposure compensation
7 mins
Depth of field SLR
9 mins
Aperture shutter priority
10 mins
Exposure meter modes
5 mins
Full auto and dp
9 mins
Manual mode
10 mins
Manual auto iso
8 mins
13 mins
Exposure bracketing
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About the instructor

Bernie  Raffe
Bernie Raffe
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I'm a retired professional photographer based in Bedfordshire UK, and have been passionate about photography ever since my parents bought me my first camera when …

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