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Become an Author - Self Publish your Books Worldwide

——   Created by Thejendra Sreenivas

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1h 52m
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More about this course

What is this course?

  • In this course I will teach you how to become an Author and Self-Publish your book worldwide. You will learn how to overcome your initial fears, write your first book, edit it perfectly, format it for paperback and eBook formats, and finally upload on international sites like Amazon and Smashwords

Why such a course?

  • Many people have dreams of becoming an author. But they will usually be hit by various fears as they think they will require some special brains or a master’s degree to become an author. Or, they will be concerned about ridicule and criticism from their friends, relatives, and strangers. This course will show you how to overcome such fears and boldly write your first book.

What are the prerequisites?

  • Anyone who wants to share their Knowledge, Imagination, or Experience with others and write their first fiction or a non-fiction will find this course highly useful

What will you gain?

  • Becoming an author is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences you can have. Bud Gardner, one of the authors of the Chick Soup for the Soul books once said - When you speak your words echo only across the room or down the hall. But when you write your words echo down the ages. So, once you become an author you can tell your story to the world, share your knowledge and experience with others, position yourself as an expert, stand out from your colleagues and get noticed, get speaking opportunities, earn royalties form book sales, keep your brain active, have a lifelong hobby, and so on. For example, books like Stop Worrying and Start Living and Chicken Soup Series have impacted and changed the lives of millions of people. 

So, without wasting any more time let us dive in. Thanks for watching and good luck.

The course project

Once you finish this course please write a book, upload it on Amazon, and send me the link to prove that you successfully published a book.

11 Lessons

3 mins
Instructor Introduction
free preview
8 mins
Lecture 1 - Who is an Author?
free preview
18 mins
Lecture 2 - How to Start Writing?
9 mins
Lecture 3 - Edit, Edit, and Edit
11 mins
Lecture 4 - Grammar for Authors
11 mins
Lecture 5 - How and Where to Publish?
10 mins
Lecture 6- Formatting your Book
11 mins
Lecture 7 - Formatting a PAPERBACK Book
14 mins
Lecture 8 - Formatting a KINDLE eBook
8 mins
Lecture 9 - Formatting a SMASHWORDS eBook
16 mins
Lecture 10 - Book Covers and Uploading

About the instructor

Thejendra Sreenivas

Hello and Welcome. My name is Thejendra Sreenivas and I am an Author & Life Skills Coach. I was a technology manager in the IT …

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