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Become Expert in Photoshop - City on Attack Photo Manipulation

——   Created by Harsh Vardhan

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Become Expert in Photoshop - City on Attack Photo Manipulation

Transform crappy images into stunning artwork in Photoshop for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to turn Ordinary images into stunning images in Photoshop Do you want to learn professional image editing in Adobe Photoshop? Do you want to learn the techniques of transforming dull and boring images into the professional images? Do you want to learn various amazing yet simple techniques of photo manipulation in Photoshop? Or if you are interested in learning how I created this under-exposed totally crap image into this stunning city under attack photo manipulation?

If the answer to any of the question about is yes, then let me tell you that you are at the right place. If you want to learn any of the things I just mentioned, then this course is for you.

Do you know that for creating stunning photo manipulation in Photoshop, you don't have to be an expert? All you need to have is imagination and some tips and tricks in Photoshop. I believe that anybody can create stunning images in Photoshop if guided properly. And my aim is to help others to learn various professional techniques in Photoshop which are used by the top professionals in their day to day editing workflows as well as for creating stunning photo manipulation or artwork.

Keeping all this in mind, I have created this course where you will learn how to transform this totally crappy dustbin deserving image into stunning artwork. This course is a beginner friendly course which means I have tried to explain each and everything whenever possible but if you still have some questions I will be there to answer all of your queries.

In this course, you will be watching over my shoulder how I created this stunning City under Attack Photo Manipulation in Photoshop. During this process, you will learn all the professional editing tips and tricks which you can use for your day to day editing task as well. After completion of this course, I am sure you will be an expert in photo manipulation If you practice and follow all the advice I give in this course.

After completion of this course, you are images would never look the same again. Your images would look more professional and more stunning. The skills which you are going to learn in this course can also help you to start your own freelancing photo editing business. Though this course is not about how to start a freelancing photo editing business but the skills which you are going to learn from this course are the key to starting that freelancing photo editing business.

22 Lessons

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Pre-Requisites or Basics of Photoshop
2 mins
Introduction to the Basic Interface of Photoshop
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5 mins
Opening and Saving Files
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2 mins
Saving Files
3 mins
Exporting or Saving Images for Web
2 mins
Using Copy, Paste, and Edit
Essential Tools for Photo Manipulation
5 mins
Mask Tool Part 1
5 mins
Mask Tool Part 2
2 mins
How to Get Black Mask Instead of White
7 mins
Pen Tool
6 mins
Using Refine Edge Tool
4 mins
Using Refine Edge Tool Continued
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