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Become Superhero using VFX

——   Created by Tiger Verse

Learn to become Super Hero using After Effects and Premier Pro

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More about this course

This course is focused towards Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects users who know the basics. We will be going to recreate some Superhero Effects to check how basic functions of these softwares can be helpful to create something out of the box.

The basic focus of these lectures will be on:

  • Built-in Effects
  • Cutting and Trimming of Clips
  • Merging Two Clips
  • Masking
  • Rotoscoping
  • Green Screen
  • Compositing Assets

We will achieve these goals by recreating some of the famous effects which are;

  • Disintegration Effect by Thanos
  • Running at Supersonic Speed like Flash
  • Shifting Location from one Place to Another
  • Cloning yourself
  • Shoot Beams through Eyes

Your knowledge requirements for taking this course are ;

  • You must have an idea of basic terms
  • You should know basic interface and basic functions
  • A bit of idea of keyframe animations

Even if you don't have much knowledge , you are eligible to take this course as everything is explained in a very easy way.

By the end of this course, You will have your brain cells capacity to think out of the box extended ! Because We will be creating some really great stuff with least effort!

So just grab the course, push your After Effects and Premier Pro Skills to out of the box and just Be a SuperHero in Real Life! So GOOD Luck to you ! If you post something after learning from these lectures, don't forget to tag me!

The course project

Record you video and Post here after converting yourself into any superhero of your choice by learning from the effects you learnt in this class!

Happy Creating!

8 Lessons

3 mins
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11 mins
Location Switch
9 mins
Portal by Dr. Strange
9 mins
Thanos Disintegration Effect
11 mins
8 mins
High Speed Movement like Flash
11 mins
Eye Beam
3 mins
Class Project and Assets
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Tiger Verse
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