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Beginners Guide To Cartooning

——   Created by Eric Faries

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Ever been watching your favorite animated show, or reading your favorite comic/manga and thought "it would be so cool if i could make stuff like this!" Well, in this class I'm going to help those who have never really drawn much before get started towards being a cartoonist!

This class goes over the VERY basic things, this way even if you've never drawn in your life you can learn enough to give you somewhere to start.

The course project

Alright class here is your project: Draw a Cartoon!

Yup, that's it. Nothing super complicated! To help get you jump started, I'd like you to do any of these topics to draw from:

Your Favorite Character. Draw the character who you love the most from any cartoon, comic, anime, manga, or movie.

Your Favorite Food. Find your favorite thing to eat, and draw it! Can be the food itself, or draw yourself eating it.

Your Favorite Musician. Whatever you listen to, find your favorite band or artist, and try to draw one of them! Put their music on while you draw to really push the inspiration!

While doing these, make sure you take what I taught you in the class and really break down the figures you're drawing. The best way to get better at drawing something, is to figure out how to construct it using simple shapes to sculp the figure. You can draw one, or even all of these prompts! Just remember the MOST important thing of all when doing anything in life, HAVE FUN!

7 Lessons

4 mins
Class Intro
4 mins
Basic Shapes
8 mins
The Skeleton
8 mins
17 mins
The Head
12 mins
The Body
17 mins
Backgrounds and Perspective Basics

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Eric Faries
Eric Faries
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Greetings! My name is Eric, and I am a freelance artist who loves comics! More then anything i wish to work on comics every day, …

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