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Beginner's Watercolor Painting

——   Created by Nikki Hess

A complete beginner's guide to painting with watercolor

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1h 35m
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More about this course

This is a complete beginner's guide to watercolor painting! This is the perfect course if you want to learn how to watercolor paint.... or if you have learned before but are still struggling a bit. 

I start out talking about all the tools and supplies - It's really important to have the correct supplies when watercolor painting, they can make a huge difference! You don't have to buy the same supplies as me but if you are interested here are some links below:

Winsor and Newton Starter Watercolor Paint Set:

Princeton Synthetic Size 6 Watercolor Brush:


Peggy Dean Watercolor Brush Set:

Watercolor Block Arches (High Quality):

Watercolor Paper By Sheet (Lower quality):

Masking Tape:

Masking Fluid:


Adobe Photoshop:

Feel free to pick up your paint brush whenever I do in this course. If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to me, as I am always happy to answer questions!

The course project

There are no rules here, just paint something using watercolor and the techniques and skills you just learned. I LOVE seeing what you create so please make sure to post your work.

13 Lessons

3 mins
8 mins
4 mins
4 mins
2 mins
8 mins
Additional Tools and Supplies
2 mins
Wet On Dry
6 mins
Wet On Wet
7 mins
Loose vs. Layered Painting
14 mins
Mixing Colors
25 mins
Time to Practice!
16 mins
Bonus Section: Digitizing Your Watercolor Artwork
2 mins
Final Words and Class Project

About the instructor

Nikki  Hess
Nikki Hess
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Hello, I'm Nikki. I am a watercolor and calligraphy artist. I ABSOLUTELY love to create art and I LOVE to teach others to do so …

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