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Better Communication Techniques for Everyday Use

——   Created by Shagun Sharma

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Hello students!

Good communication is one of the top soft skills in any environment. With the evolution of communication in the modern 21st century, important skills like persuasion, power talk etc. are taking precedence in both our corporate and personal lives. As any other skill it takes proper guidance and time to master, and once embedded drives our overall personality.

In this Arbington class we’ll discuss some of the important communication techniques which can improve our day-to-day interaction with our surroundings. The techniques are easy to master but requires thorough interest and passion.

I have selected and covered important topics in broad groups of

  • 'Jobs and Career' and
  • 'Interpersonal Communication'

to ensure the quickest and most crucial impact in a student's life. The lessons have been researched from various studies and books on the subject, supplemented by my personal experiences in business consulting, theatre acting, screenplay writing and freelancing . The lessons are designed in such a way so as to keep the learnings concise, practical and easy to remember. 




The lessons have been designed for all students of any age group, profession and background, because the core principles in communication for any language or place - is essentially the same.

Keep practicing each learning as you embark on this journey and in little time you will start to see the differences in you, becoming the better version of yourself! Keep pouring your thoughts in the class forum and let's together collectively share some of our own best practices to build upon the learnings in this topic.

Happy learning! :D

The course project

The class projects for this class are pretty simple and exciting. And you can choose to do any one - in whichever you are more comfortable. And if you really want to engage, try both! The feedback you will receive on both will be more beneficial for you.


  1. Answer test questions: A compilation of interesting questions from our daily lives.
  2. From the Word document shared in the resources, answer the questions in the document and upload it project gallery. Feel free to even upload a screen grab of the document.
  3. The questions are basically to make you uncomfortable - in the sense that if they were directly asked to you in a conversation how ‘would’ (in essence 'should') you respond.
  4. The answers to the above question in no way should be what you would answer right now. Rather it should be how they are to be answered based on the learnings from the class. Of course if you already have those learnings in place, feel free to answer accordingly which also help other students.
  • An application video for the role of a CEO
  1. Make a 2-3 mins video from ‘Hi, my name is …. ‘ to introduce yourself as an applicant for the position of a CEO.
  2. The company could be hypothetical, the names could be hypothetical - but what should be real is your identity, background material and introduction.
  3. This is one of my favourite projects as it covers ALL my teaching from ‘Jobs and career’ section. The application should be persuasive, properly time managed and should reflect correct power - both in words and in delivery.
  4. Use your actual experience and background as this project will also help you prepare for your next interview - be it company interview, college interview or just for a local NGO group. Although feel free to use hypothetical company names in your background as well.

To all my students, I cannot stress the fact enough that how this project will help you. It shows dedication, consistency, will gather feedback from peers, other experienced people and of course opens a chance to begin that ‘Small talk’ we discussed. :)

11 Lessons

2 mins
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3 mins
How To ‘Read’ the Lessons
free preview
5 mins
Jobs and Career: Persuasion I
free preview
5 mins
Jobs and Career: Persuasion II
5 mins
Jobs and Career: Time
5 mins
Jobs and Career Power
2 mins
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
5 mins
Interpersonal Communication: Talking to Yourself
6 mins
Interpersonal Communication: Stop. Listen.
4 mins
Interpersonal Communication: Tackling Opinions
5 mins
Interpersonal Communication: Small Talk

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Shagun Sharma
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 I'm Shagun.


During the daytime, I'm a business consultant (LinkedIn) in a leading sales and marketing consultancy firms, specialising in Go-to-Market sales …

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